7 Time-Proven Strategies for Dealing With Information Overload - @dlavenda | Mapmakers | Scoop.it

   Even in that age pre-dating personal computers, the Internet, and iPads, people were overloaded by information. The advent of digital information and communication technologies has just made the problem far more acute.


   What can we do to deal with the information tide? Miller in his 1962 study provides some extremely effective strategies for dealing with overload; strategies that in some cases work just as well today as they did in the 1960s. Here are Miller’s seven strategies for dealing with information overload, updated for the times:


1. Omission or Deletion;

2. Error;

3. Queuing;

4. Filtering;

5. Employing multiple/parallel Channels;

6. Approximation or Distortion;

7. Escaping from the task.



And one extra from the realm of NLP is: 

8. Do an Upchunk or Generalize.