The Sex Scandal Technique: How to Achieve Any Goal, Instantly - Maneesh Sethi | Mapmakers |

   The shortest path to a goal is not by doing what everyone else is doing. It’s often by doing the EXACT opposite. When most people approach any goal, they do what everyone else does: Figure out a goal, write down milestones to achieve it, and slowly pursue the milestones. Unfortunately, everyone else is doing the same thing.


   Instead, every successful goal I’ve achieved has followed what I call the Sex Scandal Technique: 1. Figure out your final goal; 2. Skip all of your worthless milestones–focus on kicking ass and hitting that goal, immediately.

   For example, when most people decide to become famous, the often do what everyone else does: go to Hollywood, try to meet people, work on their script, etc. But Kim Kardashian found a faster way: sleep with someone famous, make a sex tape, get famous.

   In the same way, you can approach your goals by looking at methods of beating the system. I’m going to show you two of my most successful hacks to achieve crazy goals.


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