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   The most poor 2.8 billion human beings consume less than 2 percent of the global product, and are condemned to lifelong severe poverty, with all its attendant evils of low life expectancy, social exclusion, ill health, illiteracy, dependency, and effective enslavement (picture). The high-income countries, with 1.0 billion citizens (that's: we) have about 81 percent of the global product. With our average per capita income nearly 180 x greater than that of the poor we could eradicate severe poverty worldwide if we chose to try—in fact, we could have eradicated it decades ago. So, why wait?


   The annual death toll from poverty-related causes is around 18 million, 1/3 of all human deaths, which adds up to approximately 270 million deaths in 20 years. And, in spite of its magnitude, this problem is solvable. In this famous article of Thomas Pogge you can read the Why and How: .


   In his YouTube ( Thomas Pogge compares citizens who support the current international system that allows one-fourth of the world's population to live in abject poverty to passive Germans during the Nazi era. Citizens of the rich countries (that's: we) are conditioned, by the rationalizations of our economists, to downplay the severity and persistence of world poverty and to think of it as an occasion for minor charitable assistance.


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