Management of Technology | MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY |

Technology plays an important role in the business world. As years passed by, businesses have become dependent on technology. Almost all business and industries around the world are using computers ranging from the simplest to the most complex operation. It has play key role in the growth of trade and commerce in the world. Nowadays, all businesses are using internet to advertise their business. If a business has their own website, it enables to reach the clients around the world with just one click of button. Technology has allowed companies to grow and expand in ways never thought possible. Almost every aspect of business is heavily influenced by technology. It has become very important that has become a huge industry itself.


        We all knew that technology grows fast and the demand human resources increased. Life in every aspects such as business transactions when it comes to doing heavy papers, arranging, sorting now has come to find its solution to make task easier and less time consuming. We can say that all companies adopted what the technology offers. This is through the process of computerization. With its help, all transactions inside and outside the business world can be done in an easy way.


       Technology is the practical application of knowledge. It is the systematic treatment of art and science. The new science is circular in its motivation. The tendency only grows more definite as it kindles consecutively greater aspirations. Perhaps it is a desire, whether technical or ethical, to leave something here that is greater than before. Now the world is successful, dominated by computers and electronic intelligence that will leave a path for our recipient into the unknown in search of broader horizons than even we dreamed of. The desires to exist generation with success and in turn, assist them discovering consequential uses of their own art and science.