Marcus Buckingham
'Leadership, n. The art of getting people to forget their instinctive fear of the future."

"Management, n. The art of getting each person to capitalize on his/her enduring uniqueness."
6 Ways Leaders Bully People Without Realizing It
In the latest edition of Leaders Behaving Badly, the University of Maryland has placed multiple members of the men's football team staff on administrative leave, including head coach DJ Durkin, while the school investigates their role in creating a toxic culture that contributed to the death of o...
Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Skyscraper
When I first saw the trailer for Skyscraper with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I was hooked. The trailer for Skyscraper looked like a cross between my favorite Christmas movie Die Hard and Liam Neeson’s Taken. With those two movies combined, it had to be good. Skyscraper tells the story of Will Sawy...
Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Teen Titans Go! To The Movies
We discuss the leadership lessons from Teen Titans Go! To The Movies in the latest Reel Leadership article. Discover the leadership lessons in the latest DC animate
10 Ways Leaders Aren’t Making Time for their Team Members
Performance planning, coaching, and review are the foundation of any well-designed performance management system, but the results of a recent study suggest that leaders are falling short in meeting the expectations of their direct reports. Researchers from The Ken Blanchard Companies teamed up wi...
How Toxic Is Your Workplace Exactly? Quite Toxic if These 8 Things Keep Happening Every Day
Do your co-workers violate company policies repeatedly? Yes, toxic.
Employees say they can't get 30 minutes of uninterrupted work time
A new study by RescueTime reveals the extent to which digital multitasking can distract employees from getting the real work done.