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Impact du management sur l'organisation et l'amélioration en entreprise
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The Science Behind What Really Drives Performance (It's Going to Surprise You)

The DDI report reveals a dire need for leaders with the skill of empathy. Only four out of 10 frontline leaders assessed in their massive study were proficient or strong on empathy.

Richard S. Wellins, senior vice president of DDI and one of the authors of the High-Resolution Leadership report, had this to say in a Forbes interview a year ago:

We feel [empathy] is in serious decline. More concerning, a study of college students by University of Michigan researchers showed a 34 percent to 48 percent decline in empathic skills over an eight-year period. These students are our future leaders!

We feel there are two reasons that account for this decline. Organizations have heaped more and more on the plates of leaders, forcing them to limit face-to-face conversations. Again, DDI research revealed that leaders spend more time managing than they do "interacting." They wish they could double their time spent interacting with others. The second reason falls squarely on the shoulders of technology, especially mobile smart devices. These devices have become the de rigueur for human interactions. Sherry Turkle, in her book, Reclaiming Conversation, calls them "sips of conversations."

Via David Hain
Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's curator insight, June 22, 4:05 PM
Empathy and emotional intelligence are essential to leading and performing. Central to these are face-to-face conversations with people and providing people with time for conversations, instead of relying on digital tools and social media. Sherry Turkle refers to those as "sips of conversation."
Ron McIntyre's curator insight, June 26, 1:41 AM

We are human so empathy must be part of our leadership style or we are nothing but robots.

Bay Jordan's curator insight, June 26, 6:18 AM
Really useful insights here for anyone who relies on others to deliver performance - which is most of us! 
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Enchanter ses clients: une utopie?

Enchanter ses clients: une utopie? | Management et organisation |

Ce que je trouve intéressant dans le mouvement agile est le fait de sortir de la vision étroite et traditionnelle de l'économie, qui vise à "faire de l'argent", pour aller dans une direction plus humanisante: donner du sens au travail de l'humain.

Via Philippe Vallat, Fabrice De Zanet
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Better Human Understanding, Not Big Data, Is the Future of Business

Better Human Understanding, Not Big Data, Is the Future of Business | Management et organisation |
"The idea that business is strictly a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings.

Via Philippe Vallat
Philippe Vallat's curator insight, November 28, 2013 2:51 AM

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