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Personal Protector 2013 Virus Removal

Personal Protector 2013 Virus Removal | Malware Removal Experts |

Is your computer infected with Personal Protector 2013? Learn how to remove Personal Protector 2013 with YooSecurity professionals.

The browser means you can display your web server or file system HTML document content, and let the user interaction with these files a software. Web browser mainly through HTTP protocol and a web server interaction and access to web page, the page by the URL specified, file format is usually HTML, and by MIME in state in the HTTP protocol. A web page can include multiple documents, each document are respectively from the server to get. Most of the browser support itself in addition to HTML outside of a wide range of formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF image format, etc, and can be extended to support many plugin (plug - ins). In addition, many browsers also support other URL types and corresponding protocols, such as FTP, Gopher, HTTPS (HTTP protocol encryption version). HTTP content type and URL agreement standard allows web page designers in the web page embedded in the image, animation, video, sound, streaming media, etc.You can learn how to remove from this guide to get rid of  Personal Protector 2013 virus step by step.

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FBI Virus

FBI Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

Is your computer infected with FBI virus? Learn from YooSecurity professionals to remove the FBI virus. The network layer is the third layer of the OSI reference model, between the transport layer and data link layer between, it in data link layer provides two adjacent endpoint data between the frame transmission function, further management network of data communication, data from the source end to after if straight dry a intermediate node passed to the destination end, thus to transport layer provides the most basic end-to-end data transmission service. The main contents are: virtual circuit packet switching and data report packet switching, routing algorithm, blocking control method, x.25 protocol, integrated services degital network (ISDN), asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and the interconnection principle and realization. The network layer is to realize the purpose of two end system data between the transparent transmission, specific functions include addressing and routing, connection to establish, maintain and termination, etc. It provides services to transport layer don't need to know about the network data transmission and exchange technology. In order to explain the function of the network layer, as shown in figure 4.1 shows exchange network topology, it is made up of several network node according to arbitrary topological structure of mutual connection and become. The network layer related to communication subnet operating control, reflected the network application environment resources subnet access communication subnet way. The network layer from a physical terms general distribution area is broad, logically function complex, therefore is the OSI model for data communication in the next three layer (namely communication subnet) the most complex and most a key layer. End of communication between the depend on communication subnet nodes communication to achieve, in the OSI model, the network layer is top of the network nodes, so the network layer will now communication subnet to end system provided by the network service. In packet switching, communication subnet to end the system to provide the virtual circuit and data report two kinds of network service, and communication son internal operation means to also have a virtual circuit and data report two. 1, communication subnet of virtual circuit operation mode and network layer provides virtual circuit service: virtual circuit mode of operation: for data transmission, network between source node first to establish a logical channel, since the logic circuit is not special, so call it "virtual" circuit. Each node to the other between any node may have several virtual circuit support a particular two end system of data transmission between, between the two end system also can have multiple virtual circuit for different process service. These virtual circuit of the actual path may be the same, also may be different.
Assume that there are two virtual circuit after a node, when a data packet arrived, the node can use the following methods ascertain the packet belongs to which a virtual circuit, and can transfer the right to the next node. Every time a end system in establishing virtual circuit, choose a is used at the end of the virtual circuit number assigned to the virtual circuit, so that different from the system of other virtual circuit. In each transmitted data packet on not only must have the packet number, inspection and control information, have it through the virtual circuit number, for different from other virtual circuit of data packet. In each node are save a virtual circuit table that the recorded an open virtual circuit information, including virtual circuit number, before a node, the next node, and other information, the information is in the process of building virtual circuit is determined. The above the fixed virtual circuit number of virtual circuit table method exists defect, because each end system independently to select a virtual circuit number, it is possible to cause virtual circuit number of repeat, if two Numbers of the same virtual circuit after the same node, will produce abnormal righteousness. Settlement method is to use "dynamic" virtual circuit number.
"Dynamic" virtual circuit number, it is to point to each node article on the same virtual circuit, according to the actual situation of this node may give different Numbers, and the corresponding each node of the virtual circuit table may be the call request build in process. For example, A node connected with the end of A system call request, the request packet already contains end system without the selection of the minimum virtual circuit number N, A node to request packet does not directly after the turn for the next node C, but in A node and C between nodes all already use virtual circuit outside, choose A minimum Numbers NA, and will be asked to group of virtual circuit number N replaced the Numbers NA, again will group sent to the next node C. Since then each node of the one in turn according to their own actual situation select new Numbers (such as NB, NC, ND) to replace the grouping of received the virtual circuit Numbers, destination node finally will request packet transport to link its end system, thus makes the virtual circuit would span every section of the connection of the virtual circuit number are the only. In the virtual circuit to establish good after all kinds of packet transmission process, also the same as above to the virtual circuit number replacement operation.

The network layer figure 4-2
In establishing a virtual circuit at the same time, each node of the virtual circuit in the table to record every two virtual circuit number: the first a node selected virtual circuit number and the nodes selected virtual circuit number. In this way, each virtual circuit had only a virtual circuit Numbers. Figure 4.2 illustrates the figure 4.1 of each node in network virtual circuit table, this hypothesis established six virtual circuit. Because virtual circuit of data is bidirectional transmission, to ensure that the two nodes, positive and negative between the two directions of the virtual circuit don't confuse, in a node selection virtual circuit number to replace the previous node using virtual circuit number, should not only consider the following a virtual circuit between the node number is not same, consider the following a node as the other a reverse virtual circuit of a node on the selection of virtual circuit number phase difference. For example, in establishing virtual circuit 1 - BAE, (here 1 - BAE said source node to B, establish A virtual circuit selection 1 for virtual circuit number, and by A transfer to E), in the node B, although A node is the first time as B node, but due to the virtual circuit 0 - ABCD in between A to B has been using the virtual circuit number 0, so in A way out A bar elected B to A virtual circuit between the number 1. So, when A from node from A group, if it carries A virtual circuit number 0, then explaining is virtual circuit ABCD on the positive group; If 1, then explaining is virtual circuit BAE reverse group. For the establishment of the BFE 2 - the same situation.
Virtual circuit service: virtual circuit service is the network layer to the transport layer provides a make all the group in order to purpose end system reliable data transfer mode. For data exchange between the two end system there is a virtual circuit for their services. In order to establish end system between the virtual circuit, the source end system transport layer first to network layer a connection request, the network layer is through the virtual circuit network access protocol to the transport layer a connection instructions, finally, the receiving party transport layer to FaQiFang back connection response so that the virtual circuit set up. Later, the two end system can transmit data, the data by the network layer down into groups to communication subnet will be delivered to the receiving party grouping data.
The virtual circuit service is the network layer to the transport layer provides services, is also communication subnet to end the system to provide the network business. But, provide the virtual circuit service letter subnet internal actual operation can be virtual circuit mode, also can be datagrams mode. In virtual circuit mode of operation network, always provide virtual circuit service, in the OSI connection-oriented network service is virtual circuit service. In the virtual circuit mode of operation, the network layer of the end system with letter subnet node operation is consistent, SNA, such as TRANSPAC most public network had adopted the same virtual circuit operation support virtual circuit service mode.
In data report mode of operation of the network, and can also provide virtual circuit service, namely communication subnet internal node according to data exchange data report way, and end system connected network node is to end the system to provide the virtual circuit service. To end system it network layer and network node communication is still like a virtual circuit mode of operation of the network node between cases, to establish a virtual circuit, and exchange data packet, and finally open circuit. But in fact, each group was network node is divided into several data report, the additional address, serial number, virtual circuit as the number of information, distribute to the destination node. Destination node then datagrams to sort spell the original group, and sent to purpose end system. Therefore, the source end system and source network node, between destination node and the purpose of the network layer according to the virtual circuit operation mode exchange group, and destination node and source nodes according to the datagram is carried out the exchange of grouping. Although communication subnet datagrams exchange is not very reliable, but both ends of the network node made many such as sorting, heavy hair extra work, etc, so as to meet the requirements of virtual circuit service. For example, in ARPANET, internal use datagrams exchange way, but to end the system to provide the data report and virtual circuit two kinds of service.
2, communication subnet data report operation mode and network layer to provide the data for service: datagrams mode of operation: in data report way, each group is called a datagram, several datagrams constitute a secondary transfer message or data block. Each data to carry enough information, its transfer is the individual treatment. A node receives a datagram, according to the data of the newspaper address information and nodes stored routing information, to find out a suitable way out, the data for the same transmission to the next node. When end system to send a message, the message into open with serial number and address information data report, in turn, to network node. After that, each datagram have walked the path may be different, because each node in at any time according to the network flow, failure of routing choice. Due to the flow separately, each datagrams cannot guarantee in order to destination node, some datagrams may even lost in transit. In the transmission process, don't need to create virtual circuit, but for each datagram for routing.
Datagrams service: datagrams service in general only for the data exchange to provide. End system network layer with network node of the network between, consistently according to data exchange data for operation mode. When the system to send data, the network layer to the data on the additional address, serial number, and other information, as the data report sent to the network node; Purpose end system receive datagrams may not be sequential arrived, also may have datagram loss. For example, in ARPANET, DNA and other network, provide a datagram service. Datagrams service and the OSI connectionless network services similar. The virtual circuit switched network provides the data report service combination is not common. Can imagine there is a special case: a end system network layer has good structure for processing data report service, and when it will access to virtual circuit mode of operation of the network, network node will need to do some transformation work. When end system to network node sends a carry a complete address information data time, if the hair to the same address of the datagram quantity is big enough, the network node can for these data with destination node to build a virtual circuit between, all the same address of the datagram to send, a virtual circuit can be removed. So, this datagram service with a virtual circuit service communication quality, but it is not economical, the efficiency is low.

3 two kinds of operating mode and two kinds of network service features: two kinds of operating mode features: virtual circuit packet switching applicable to end system of data exchange between long time, especially in frequent, but each time transmit data and very short interactive session circumstances, to avoid the each group address information of extra expenses, but every network node but need to burden maintain virtual circuit table overhead. Therefore, we should take these two factors weigh, in addition to consider if the building up and tearing down the number of circuit too often is not appropriate. Datagrams to avoid the call setup process, in a small number of packet transmission than virtual circuit is simple and flexible. Each datagrams may temporarily according to the network traffic condition selection not too crowded link, unlike virtual circuit of each group to establish connections must, in accordance with the route of the transfer. Each node without additional cost, but each group in each node are through routing processing, can affect transfer speed.
Virtual circuit provides the reliable communication function, can guarantee the right to each group, and group keep original sequence. In addition, it can also two data terminal flow control, when receiving party too late to receiving data, can inform the sender postpone sending group, but virtual circuit has one vital weakness, that is when a node or a link malfunctioning influence surface are much smaller, when the occurrence of the above fault, only slow the node exist on the packet may be lost, the other group may steer clear of fault zone destination, or has been shelved to fault restoration after the transfer. However, datagram does not guarantee data grouping sequential arrived, the loss of data will not be found immediately. Two kinds of network service features: virtual circuit service and data to the essence of the service difference expression is: is the sequence control, error control and flow control and communication function to communication subnet completed, or the end system to complete. Virtual circuit service to end system to ensure the data of sequential arrived, to avoid the end system in order to control the cost of the on. But, when the end system itself is not concerned about the order of the data, the function will become redundant, but affects the disordered data the overall efficiency.
Virtual circuit service system to provide to the end without error data transfer, but, in the end system only requires that the fast data transfer, and don't care about individual data block lost cases, virtual circuit services provide error control also is not very necessary. On the contrary, some end system requirements are very high data transfer quality, virtual circuit services provide error control can not meet the requirements, end system still needs to make more strict error control, the virtual circuit service work and slightly too redundant. However, this kind of circumstance, virtual circuit service after all to a certain extent for end system share a part of work, in order to reduce the error probability or played a certain role.
As for the virtual circuit service provides flow control, and sometimes on end system is not appropriate, such as in the request data exchange rate as far as possible under the condition of high. Because, virtual circuit service will always data according to the fixed path transmission, not flexibly short-cut; In addition, flow control itself may be specified in the exchange rate of the upper limit. Virtual circuit service provides a reliable data transfer and convenient network interface. However, virtual circuit in service circuit establishment and dismantle in interactive applications will affect communication efficiency. Can see, two kinds of service advantages and disadvantages each half, to the choice depends on the application background, namely network users to communication subnet is to require only data transfer without much tube "business", or hope communication subnet provide more reliable service to relieve their burden. Someone will be virtual circuit service to take a bus, the data report service to take a taxi, this parable in some degree image on the two characteristics of the service. For more information on how to remove FBI virus scam. Please visit and to remove FBI virus asking for $300 dollars to unlock your locked computer.

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Learn How to Remove File Restore Virus with YooSecurity

Learn How to Remove File Restore Virus with YooSecurity | Malware Removal Experts |

File Restore Virus is another scamware that needs to remove immediately. Computer science and technology combining the subjects, improved the research tools and methods, and promote the development of the subjects. In the past, people mainly through the experiment and theory two ways of science and technology research. Now, calculation and simulation research work has become the third way. The computer and the relevant experimental observation instrument, combined with the experimental data on the site can be recorded, sorting, processing, analysis and draw a diagram, significantly improve the quality and efficiency of experimental work. Computer aided design has become a engineering design electron particle materialization, an important means of automation. In the aspect of theory, the computer is the extension of the human brain, human brain can replace some function and strengthened. Old math on paper and pen operation, now computer became the new tools, such as mathematical theorem proving hard mental work, has been possible by computer to complete or partially fulfill. Calculation and simulation as a new research method, often makes some subjects derived a new branch of discipline. For example, air dynamics, meteorology, elastic structure mechanics and application analysis and faced by the "dyscalculia", in a high-speed computer and relevant calculation method after beginning to break through, and derived the calculation air dynamics, numerical weather prediction edge branch discipline. Using the computer to carry on the quantitative study, not only in natural science has played a significant role in the social sciences and humanities so it is also so. For example, in the census, social investigation and natural language research, the computer is a very effective tool. The computer in the wide application of all walks of life, often produce remarkable economic benefits and social benefits, thus cause the industrial structure, product structure, management and service mode of major change. In the industrial structure has a view of the computer manufacturing and computer services, as well as the new industry such as the knowledge industry. Computer application, have computer hardware technology ability, software technology ability, eight, 32-bit embedded microcontroller computer system application ability and good engineering technical ability of the inter-disciplinary talent. Main course: series of C language program design, foundation of computer network, circuit and electronic technology and single-chip microcomputer principle and application, sensor technology, control engineering foundation, visual programming technology, Linux operating system, interface technology, etc. Students after graduation can be in industrial measurement and control device manufacturing enterprise, civil electronic manufacture all kinds of enterprise is engaged in the embedded system hardware and software development work, also can be engaged in industrial measurement and control device, civil all kinds of intelligent electrical maintenance work. Computer or people's learning tools and tool life. With the aid of home computer, personal computer, computer network, database system and all kinds of terminal equipment, people can learn all kinds of classes, access to all kinds of information and knowledge, to deal with various kinds of life issues (such as booking, shopping, different, etc.), can even home office. More and more people work, study and life will happen with the computer directly or indirectly contact. Popularization of computer education has become an important problem. In short, the development of the computer and application has not only is a kind of scientific technology phenomenon and is a kind of political, economic, military and social phenomenon. If you still have problems to remove File Restore virus, consult YooSecurity professionals for help.

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How to Remove Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 Virus

How to Remove Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

Got infected with Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 virus? Learn how to remove this scam with YooSecurity guides. Now in the society is generally believed that computer difficult exam, cross major harder to take an examination of, in fact, is not necessarily. Computer specialized student own superiority, they often cannot resist for unit attractive treatment, often in one's deceased father grind eve to give up one's deceased father grind, real last-ditch also because job hold up a lot of time. Instead the unpopular professional examinee (including cross major) often because I fail to find a satisfying job and had to cross the rubicon, because they know one's deceased father grind failure could mean unemployment. So far, China's master of graduate student recruit students haven't realize, and speed in a transition period. But the number of at public expense is indeed a year of less than a year, this year's situation is at public expense proportion (excluding recommend raw) 1:4-1:6, of course, each school is not the same. For independent student speaking, generally want to hand in 2-30000 yuan fee, one-time pay together. But don't worry, reading period can deal with student loan, after graduation to repay. Some colleges and universities, such as Harbin industrial university system two years, 3000 a year, investment 6000 yuan, you can read a popular professional master degree, very value!

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Learn How to Remove Your Computer has been locked! Virus with YooSecurity

Learn How to Remove Your Computer has been locked! Virus with YooSecurity | Malware Removal Experts |

Learn how to remove Your Computer has been locked! virus with YooSecurity professionals. If your computer is being locked by malware or ransomware to ask for fines to unlock your computer. Please go to for the removal instructions. Computer application computer application is the study of computer application in every field theory, method, technology and system, etc., is a computer subject and other subjects of combining edge discipline, is part of the computer science. Computer application is divided into numerical calculation and the numerical application two fields. Non numerical application and including data processing, the processing of knowledge, such as information system, factory automation, office automation and family automation, expert system, pattern recognition, machine translation, etc. Computer application system analysis and design is a computer application study generally need to solve the issues. Application system is analyzed systematically survey and analysis to the characteristics and requirements of the application environment, the establishment of mathematical model, according to certain standardization formal description them, form a computer application system technical design requirements. Application system design including the system configuration design, system performance evaluation, application software overall design and other engineering design, and ultimately to system in the form of product provides to the user. Yes, of course, is the core content. Introduction to computer C language program design college physics users to object-oriented programming system modeling discrete mathematics computer programming practice data structure digital logic database principles and application of the design and analysis of algorithm computer graphics database course design numerical analysis Internet programming assembly language programming principle of computer form database development and application technology computer interface technology environment introduction to engineering network application and programming course design the multimedia technology software engineering computer operating system computer network and communication technology, artificial intelligence technique of compiling the operating system practice UNIX operating system distributed object technology parallel technology and digital signal processing algorithm computer security electronic business computer control VB.NET Java programming embedded system technology of object-oriented software development technology basic on these, the different school courses will be different, but all the same. You can easily remove Your Computer has been locked! virus with the guide the YooSecurity experts provide.

Diego Cruz-Savinon's curator insight, April 8, 2014 2:24 PM

Since I want to earn a degree with working with computer, i also want to know how to work with their security system. My laptop used to crash most of the times and whenever i would try to go onto a website, a message would pop-up saying that would tell me to go to the securitysettings to check what the problem was. I hope to study more of computer security, so that way, i can fix any problem it may have, the right way

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YooSecurity Experts Show You How to Remove Green Dot MoneyPak FBI AntiPiracy Warning Virus

YooSecurity Experts Show You How to Remove Green Dot MoneyPak FBI AntiPiracy Warning Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

Lots of computer users are scammed by Green Dot MoneyPak FBI virus, asking for 200$ to unlock locked PC. The latest FBI virus is FBI AntiPiracy warning virus. You can learn how to remove it with YooSecurity professionals. The research focused on the research of neural network, fuzzy logic and fuzzy neural network, simulated annealing technology, ant colony algorithm in video image processing and the application of coding, aiming at development quick efficient and has in low bit rate video image channel to realize the real-time coding potential compression algorithm, First in China to carry out fuzzy vector quantization technology research, and put forward the fuzzy learning vq algorithm, fuzzy k - neighborhood vq algorithm, random competitive learning vq algorithm, making the vq coding performance greatly improved, solve the initial code book dependence problems and code book design time long problem. In the digital watermark technology, systematically introduces chaos theory, and at the same time in the domestic earlier to the second generation of digital watermarking algorithm research; This direction will also medical imaging technology, artificial life, nonlinear system is determined not to contend with smart, early in the country is proposed based on spect, fmri, eeg, Meg and information fusion high dimension space and time nonlinear modeling and identification, to medical function real-time imaging to provide quantitative theoretical basis, effective methods of analysis and practical calculation method. Pay attention to the direction of high level of laboratory construction, respectively and the United States ti company and the United States MOTOROLA company established DSP lab and eda laboratory each one, laboratory equipment total investment more than 4 million yuan, focused on the research of digital signal real-time processing technology and the hardware realization, in field programmable gate array system dynamic reconfigurable technique research, there has been a key technology breakthrough. These laboratory equipment advanced, timely tracking foreign big company's latest technology, has been to shenzhen special zone of information industry with a relatively strong technical support and complete technical training, has the great reputation and good academic reputation.
This direction actively carry out "production, study and research" cooperation projects, involving high resolution medical imaging equipment, wireless communication interface, fixed telephone message equipment, biochemical analyzer and other fields, including "isp digital circuit experiment analysis system" won the 1999 guangdong province scientific and technological progress the third prize, "programmable caller id tester research" won the 1999 shenzhen scientific and technological progress the third prize, "automatic multiparameter clinical electrolyte analyzer" in 2001 in guangdong province through drug supervision and administration of the appraisal, there have been five results in China high-tech trade fair successful transfer and implement industrialization, at present already produce economic benefits is 40 million yuan.
This direction actively carry out international academic cooperative research, nearly three years, a total of 5 people academic backbone to Britain as a visiting scholar, and undertake British British council international cooperation research projects a. The direction of the research work, on the one hand, to multimedia image information processing of new theories, new methods and new technology as the breakthrough point, trying to realize the source of the theory and technology innovation; At the same time will "production, study and research" closely, and strive to form our country independent intellectual property rights, improve the international competitiveness of the core.  For more information on FBI virus, go to for the detailed information and folllow the instructions by YooSecurity experts.

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Remove Virus

Remove Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

Is your computer hijacked by virus? Learn how to remove with YooSecurity professionals. You can also follow the steps to remove virus.


Establishment or in a Computer program insert destruction Computer functions or destroy data, the influence of Computer use and the ability to replicate a set of instructions to a Computer or program code is called Computer Virus (Computer Virus). Destructive, reproductive and infectious.


How is virus named?
Most of the time we have antivirus software have found themselves in the machine such as the Backdoor. RmtBomb. 12, Trojan. Win32. SendIP. 15 and so on these a string of English with digital virus name, when some people is obtained, then a long string name, how do I know what it is virus?
In fact as long as we grasp some virus naming rules, we can through the antivirus software report appeared in the name of the virus to judge the virus some common characteristics: general format for: "virus prefix >. < virus name >. < virus suffix >
Virus prefix refers to a virus type, he is used to distinguish the virus racial classification. Different kinds of virus, the prefix is also different. For example we common Trojan virus Trojan prefix, Worm virus prefix is Worm and so on other.
Virus name refers to a virus family characteristics, is used to distinguish and identify the family of viruses, as before the famous CIH virus family names are unified "CIH", oscillation wave of worm virus family name is "Sasser".
Virus suffix refers to a virus variation characteristics, is used to distinguish the specific a family of a variant of the virus. Typically use the English of the 26 letters, such as the Worm. Sasser. B means oscillation wave of Worm virus variant b, therefore generally called "oscillation wave b varieties" or "oscillation wave variation b". If the virus variant is very much, can use Numbers and letters mixed said varieties identification.
Name of the Lord
Virus Lord name is by the analyst according to the virus body features string, specific behavior or use compile platform to decide, if not sure can use string "Agent" to replace the main name, less than 10 k the size of the files can be named "Samll".
Version information
Version information only allow for digital, for version information not clear without version information.
Main name varieties number
If the virus Lord behavior type, behavior type, host file types, main names are the same, is considered to be the same family of viruses, at this moment need varieties, to distinguish between the different virus record. If a version number not enough use is the most can expand three, and all are lowercase a - z, such as: aa, ab, aaa, aab so on. By the system automatic computation, do not need manual input or choose.
Accessory name
The use of virus have auxiliary function of the operation of the document, usually as a virus added to the virus library, this type of virus records need accessory name to and virus subject virus record to distinguish. Accessory name at present has the following kinds:
Client description: the back door program control end
KEY_HOOK description: used for articulated keyboard module
API_HOOK description: used for articulated API module
Install description: used to set up the virus module
Dll description: file for dynamic library, and contains a variety of functions
(air) description: no accessory name, a record is virus subject record
Accessory name varieties number
If the virus Lord behavior type, behavior type, host file types, main name, main name varieties number, accessory name are the same, is considered to be the same family of viruses, at this moment need varieties, to distinguish between the different virus record. Variant number is not write the letter a - z, if a version number not enough use is the most can expand three, such as: aa, ab, aaa, aab so on. By the system automatic computation, do not need manual input or choose.
Virus length
Virus length field will only be used for the main behavior types of infection type (Virus) Virus, the value of the field for the digital. Field value is 0, said the virus length variable.
The collateral some common virus prefix explanation for we use most Windows operating system) :
(1) system virus
System virus prefix is: Win32, PE, Win95, W32, W95, etc. These viruses general common characteristic is can infect the Windows operating system *. Exe and *. DLL files, and through these documents transmission. Such as CIH virus.
(2) the worm virus
Worm virus prefix is: the Worm. This virus has characteristic is through the network or system vulnerability for propagation, a large part of the worm virus has sent out with poison mail, blocking the characteristics of the network. Such as shock waves (blocking network), small postman (hair band poison mail), etc.
(3) the Trojan virus, hacker virus
Trojan virus the prefix is: Trojan, hackers virus prefix name is commonly Hack. Trojan virus common characteristic is through the network or system leak into the user's system and hidden, and then to the outside world let the cat out of the user's information, and hackers virus have a visual interface, to the user's computer remote control. Trojan virus, hacker is often come in pairs, i.e., Trojan viruses responsible for intrusion the user's computer, and hackers may pass the virus the Trojan virus to control. Now the two types are more and more tend to be integrated. General Trojan such as QQ news tail Trojan horse. QQ3344, and we may meet more according to the network game's Trojan virus such as Trojan. LMir. PSW. 60. Here to add, the virus name have PSW or what PWD and so on general says the virus have steal passwords function (these letters generally for "password" English "password" abbreviation) some hacker programs such as: network an ambitious person (Hack.Net her. Client), etc.
(4) the script virus
Script virus prefix is: Script. Script virus common characteristic is to use a scripting language, and through the web page for the spread of the virus, such as code red (Script. Redlof). Script virus will also has the following prefixes: VBS, JS (show that what kind of script writing), such as the happy time (VBS. Happytime), 14 (JS. Fortnight. C.s), etc.
(5) (ncsa)
In fact (ncsa) is also a script virus, because of its particularity, so here is a separate into. The prefix (ncsa) is: Macro, the second prefix is: Word, Excel, Excel97, Word97 (or anything else) one of them. Those who only WORD97 infection and previous version WORD document of the virus WORD97 as the second prefix, format is: Macro. WORD97; Those who only WORD97 infection after WORD document version of the virus the WORD as the second prefix, format is: Macro. WORD; Those who only EXCEL97 infection and previous version EXCEL document viruses use EXCEL97 as the second prefix, format is: Macro. EXCEL97, Those who only infection after EXCEL97 version EXCEL document virus using EXCEL as the second prefix, format is: Macro. EXCEL, and so on. The virus is common characteristics can infection OFFICE series document, and then through the OFFICE general template propagation, such as: the famous beauty lisa (Macro. Melissa).
(6) the back door virus
The back door of the virus prefix is: the Backdoor. This virus has characteristic is travels through the network, to the system by the back door, to the user computer brings safety hidden trouble.
(7) virus planting program virus
This kind of virus common characteristic is running from the body will release one or several new virus to the system directory, released by the new virus damage. Such as: ice sower (Dropper. BingHe2.2 C), MSN striker (Dropper. Worm. Smibag), etc.
(8) destructive program virus
Destructive program virus prefix is: Harm. This kind of virus common characteristic is itself has good icon to lure the user clicks, when users click on this kind of virus, the virus will directly on the user computer damage. Such as: format disk C (Harm. FormatC. F), Killer command (Harm.Com mand. Killer), etc.
(9) joke virus
Joke virus prefix is: Joke. Also called hoaxes. This kind of virus common characteristic is itself has good icon to lure the user clicks, when users click on this kind of virus, the virus could make all kinds of damage operation to frighten the user, in fact, virus and not to the user computer any damage. Such as: female the ghost (Joke. Girl ghost) virus.
(10) binding machine virus
Binding machine virus prefix is: Binder. This kind of virus common characteristic is that the virus author will use specific binding program will virus and some applications such as QQ, IE tied up and on the surface is a normal file, when the user operation these bind virus, will run on the surface of these applications, then hide execution bundled together of the virus, so as to give the user harm. Such as: bind QQ (Binder. QQPass. QQBin), system killer (Binder. Killsys), etc.
Above is more common virus prefix, sometimes we will see some other, but rare, here simple mention:
DoS: for a host computer or server for DoS attack;
Exploit: will automatically through the overflow the other party or his system vulnerability to spread itself, or he itself is a Hacking tools for the overflow;
HackTool: hacking tools, maybe itself is not destroy your own computer, but that someone else will be happy to use them to use your do avatars to destroy others.
You can find out a virus in the future by the said method to preliminary judgment of the virus's basic situation, to achieve the effect of the enemy. In the antivirus cannot automatically killing, plan to use manual mode when these information will give you a lot of help
The computer virus infection through what way?
A computer virus is called virus because it has the nature of infectious. The traditional channel usually have the following kinds:
(1) through the floppy disk: through the use of external infected floppy disks, for example, the different channels to system tray, the unexplained software, game plate etc is the most common of the spread of the infection. Due to the use of the virus floppy disk, the infection virus disease, and infect not infected "clean" the floppy disk. A large number of floppy disk exchange, legal or illegal copies, do not add control to literally in the machine to use all kinds of software caused the virus infection, flood spreading hotbed.
(2) through the hard disk: through the hard disk infection is also important channel, with a virus machine move to other place to use, maintenance, etc., will clean floppy disk infection and spread again.
(3) through the CD: because CD capacity big, storage of the massive executable files, large amounts of the virus have YuGuangPan might be hiding, the read-only type disc, unable to do write operation, and so on the cd-rom virus can't clear. To profit for the purpose of illegal pirated software production process, not for virus protection take special responsibility, and never will be, a truly reliable feasible technical guarantee to avoid the introduction of virus, infection, popular and diffusion. At present, the spread of pirated compact discs to the spread of the virus has brought great convenience.
(4) through the network: this spread fast, can be in a very short time on the network spread machine.
Along with the Internet's fashionable, give the spread of the virus and added new ways, it's development make the virus could become a disaster, the spread of the virus more quickly, anti-virus task more difficult. Internet brings two different kinds of security threats, a threat from the file to download, these are browsing or be downloaded file may have viruses. Another threat comes from E-mail. Most Internet mail system provides the network sent between format the document with the function of the mail, therefore, suffer from virus document or file may through the gateway and mail server into enterprise network. Network use of simplicity and openness that this threat is more and more serious.
The computer virus infection is must meet the requirements to?
Not necessarily.
The computer virus infection of two. One is in certain condition can be below infection, namely condition infection. Another kind is to an infection object's repeated infection is unconditional infection.
From the current spread the virus spread to the so-called condition infection, it is to point to some viruses in the transmission process, in the infected system of specific position put their own special and volunteers. This virus in the attack again this system, have found their mark is no longer to infect, if is a new system or software, first read the value of a particular location, and judgment, if it is found that the value of reading with their label is not consistent, then to the system or application, or data plate of infection, this is a kind of circumstance; Another kind of circumstance, some virus through the file type to judge whether to infection, such as black Friday only virus infection. COM or.exe files, etc.; Still have a kind of situation some virus is a computer system to judge some of the equipment condition to decide whether or not to infection. Such as hemp virus can infect the hard disk, and can infect the floppy disk, but to B driver floppy disk read and write operation without infection. But we also found that some viruses to infect object repeated infection. For example black Friday virus as long as found. EXE file a infection, again running further infection repeated on.
Visible conditional when the virus can infect, unconditional when the virus can also be carried out infection.
Computer virus general process is what?
In the system is running, the virus through the virus carrier namely system file into the system of internal memory, permanent memory. The virus in system memory monitoring the operation of the system, when it is found that the object of the attack exist and meet the requirements, then from memory will itself be deposited in the object of the attack, and spread the virus. But the virus USES system INT 13 h, speaking, reading and writing the interruption of disk and its writing system external memory floppy or hard disk, to infect other system.
Executable file after infection and how to infect new executable file?
Executable file. COM or.exe infected with the virus, such as black Friday virus, it's into memory condition is in the execution infected file into memory. Once in memory, began to monitor the operation of the system. When it found that infected goals, make the following operation:
(1) the operation of the executable file specific address of the identification information to determine whether a has been infected with the virus;
(2) when conditions meet, using INT 13 h will virus link to executable file first or tail or intermediate and with a large disk;
(3) complete after infection, continue to monitor the operation of the system, trying to find new target.
Operating system viruses is how to infect?
Normal PC DOS startup process is:
(1) add electric boot after the system test procedure and execute the program to the system of basic equipment testing;
(2) detection after normal from the system tray 0 level 0 way 1 sector that logic 0 sector read Boot loader program into memory of 0000:7 c00 place;
(3) into the Boot is carried out;
(4) the Boot determine whether for system disk, if not system disk is prompt,
Will system disk or disk error
Replace and strike any key when ready
Otherwise, read in IBM BIO.COM and IBM DOS.COM two implicit files;
(5) executive IBM BIO.COM and IBM DOS.COM two implicit files, will COMMAND.COM in memory;
(6) the system normal operation, DOS startup success.
If the system tray has been infected with the virus, PC DOS startup will be another sort of vision and the process is:
(1) will Boot area virus code first read in memory of 0000:7 c00 place;
(2) the virus will own all code read in memory of a safe area, permanent memory, monitoring the operation of the system;
(3) modification INT 13 h interrupt service processes of entry address, make point to virus control module and execute the. Because any a virus to infection floppy disk or hard disk, is inseparable from the disk to read and write operation, modify the INT 13 h the interrupt service routine entry address is a little not operation;
(4) virus program were all read in memory to read in normal Boot content to the memory of 0000:7 c00 place, normal start-up process;
(5) virus program bided waiting for ready to infect new system disk or non system disk.
If you find any can attack object, the virus to carry out the following work:
(1) will be the target disk boot sector read in memory, the disc judging whether infected the virus;
(2) when meet the infection condition, the virus will all or part of the write Boot area, normal of the disk's Boot sector program write disk feature position;
(3) to return to normal INT 13 h interrupt service routine, completed the target plate infection.
Operating system viruses in what circumstance of soft, hard disk for infection?
Operating system viruses only in the operating system into memory. If a floppy disk contaminated with the virus, but not from it guidance system, the virus will not enter the memory, also cannot activities. Such as dot virus infection floppy disk, hard disk's boot sector, as long as use with the virus disk boot system, the virus will stay memory, to which plate of operation, to which plate of infection.
Operating system viruses in the system tray after infection is the most simple processing method is what?
Because the operating system viruses only in systems lead to enter the memory, began to activity, to the non system disk infection virus, not from it guidance system, the virus will not enter the memory. At this time to infected non system disk disinfection the simplest method is to tray useful file copy out, then will take poison disc to reformat the can.
Edit this section related common virus
Backdoor, the harm level: 1.
Description: Chinese name - "back door", it is to point to in the user does not know and does not allow, in infected system in a hidden way of operation can be infected system for remote control, and the user can't through the normal methods banned its operation. "Back door" is actually the Trojan a special case of the three-stage form, the differences between them is to "back door" to infected system for remote control (such as: file management, process control, etc.).
Worm, the harm level: 2.
Description: Chinese name - "worm", it is to point to use system vulnerabilities, outgoing mail, Shared directory, and can transfer files software (such as: MSN, OICQ, IRC, etc.), mobile storage medium (such as: U disk, floppy disk), these ways of the virus spread themselves. This type of virus type, behavior type is used to say that the spread of the virus to use way.
Mail, the harm level: 1 description: through the email communication
IM, hazard levels: 2, description: through a vague carrier or more clear carrier spread themselves
MSN, hazard levels: 3, description: through MSN communication
QQ, hazard levels: 4, description: through the OICQ propagation
ICQ hazard levels: 5, description: through ICQ propagation
P2P, the harm level: 6, description: through the P2P software propagation
IRC, hazard levels: 7, description: through the ICR propagation
Other, description: do not rely on other software propagation mode of transmission, such as: the system vulnerability, Shared directory, mobile storage media.
Trojan, hazard levels: 3, description: Chinese name - "Trojan horse", it is to point to in the user does not know and does not allow, in infected system in a hidden way operation, and the user can't through the normal methods banned its operation. The virus usually have interests, the interests of its purpose is also the virus son behavior.
Spy, the harm level: 1, description: steal user information (such as files, etc.)
PSW, hazard levels: 2, description: has stolen password behavior
DL, hazard levels: 3, description: download virus and run, decision clause: no can tune out of any interface, logical function for: from a website and download file loading or run.
Logic conditions trigger event:
Event 1,. Can not download properly or download files can't be decision for virus, operating principles: the file can't conform to the normal software function module identification clause, identified as: Trojan. DL
Event 2. Download file is virus, operating principles: download file is virus, identified as: Trojan. DL
IMMSG, hazard levels: 4, description: through a vague carrier or more clear carrier communication instant messaging (this behavior and the worm propagation behavior is different, worms are spread the virus, Trojan is only spread news)
MSNMSG, hazard levels: 5, description: through MSN communication instant messaging
QQMSG, hazard levels: 6, explanation: OICQ spread through instant messaging
ICQMSG, hazard levels: 7, description: through ICQ propagation instant messaging
UCMSG, hazard levels: 8, description: through the UC propagation instant messaging
Proxy, the harm level: 9, description: will be infected computers as Proxy server
Clicker, hazard levels: 10, description: click on the specified page, decision clause: no can tune out of any interface, logical function: click on a web page.
Operating criteria: the file does not conform to the normal software function module identification clause, identified as: Trojan. The Clicker.
(the documents in accordance with normal software function module identification clause, reference rogue software decision rules rogue software decision)
Dialer, hazard levels: 12, description: through the dialing to swindle Money program, note: unable to describe the interest purpose but also meet the basic characteristics of Trojan virus, do not have specific child behavior was described
AOL, Notifier, according to the original virus name naming reserves.
Virus, the harm level: 4, description: Chinese name - "infected with viruses", it is to point to will Virus code attached to infected host files (such as: PE file, DOS of COM file, VBS files, has run macro file), make the Virus code in the infected host file operation in operation right of the Virus.
Harm, the Harm level: 5, description: Chinese name - "destructive program", it is to show those who does not spread is not infection, after the operation directly destroy local computer (such as: to format the hard disk, a large number of deleting files, etc.) lead to local computer can't be used normally program.
Dropper, hazard levels: 6, description: Chinese name - "release virus program", it is to point to do not belong to the normal installation or self-extracting program, and after the operation release virus and will they run.
Decision clause: no can tune out of any interface, logical function is: since the release file loading or run.
Logic conditions trigger event:
Event 1:. Release documents not virus. Operating principles: release documents and releaser itself no logical relationship and the file does not conform to the normal software function module identification clause, identified as: Droper
Event 2: release document is virus. Operating principles: release document is virus, determine the file is: Droper
Hack, the harm level: no, description: Chinese name - "hacking tools", it is to point to can be in local computer through the network attack other computer tools.
Exploit, leak detection attack tool
DDoser, denial of service attack tool
Flooder, flood attack tools, note: can't clear attack mode and hackers related software, do not have specific child behavior was described
Spam, Spam
Nuker, Sniffer, Spoofer, Anti, description: free kill hack tools
Binder, the harm level: no, description: bind virus tools
Normal software function module identification terms: check the document body has the following information can identify the file is normal software function module: file version information, software information (registry key value, the installation directory), etc.
Host file
Host file refers to the use of virus file types, whether display attributes. The host file has the following kinds.
JS description: JavaScript script file
VBS description: VBScript script file
HTML description: HTML document
Java description: Java Class files
COM description: Dos of COM file
EXE description: under Dos EXE file
Boot description: a hard disk or a floppy disk Boot sector
Word description: MS company's Word document
Excel description: MS company Excel file
PE description: PE file
WinREG description: the registry file
Ruby note: a script
Python description: a script
BAT description: BAT script file
IRC description: IRC script is really difficult to remove. You can contact YooSecurity professionals to remove it completely.

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How to Remove FBI Moneypak Virus

How to Remove FBI Moneypak Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

FBI virus is the same as FBI MoneyPak virus using MoneyPak as payment methods. 1. The analysis phase
According to the computer user to input, process and output characteristics of the need for the original system investigated the present situation of analysis, and based on this, proposed the new system or reforming the old system preliminary Suggestions, such as to the new system goal, function, cost, benefit, personnel, progress, etc to make prediction and description. This stage is also called the feasibility study stage.
2. Design stage
First of all, according to the survey to determine the composition of the system and the software and hardware environment requirements, and puts forward proposals for the system. In the argumentation of the project and get through the transferred after physical design, namely the system input/output, processing, information flow, data structure, display and print format, as well as the man-machine dialogue mode refined step by step, carries on the design. At this time, should the system is divided into several modules and process, and analyses its mutual relations and processing sequence to ensure that the system is the completeness, correctness and adaptability. After careful analysis and various methods of choice, in this phase is put forward at the end of the implementation plan and schedule, write system user manual and operation instruction for use. Analysis and design work all by system analyst finish.
3. Implementation
According to the system design scheme to realize application system, respectively finish machine configuration installation, field transformation, programming, personnel training and data preparation, etc. This stage of the work completed by programmers and operator.
4. Maintenance phase
The system put into operation from the beginning, into the maintenance phase. Maintenance work generally includes accuracy, integrity and adaptability three aspects. This work through the users to send out a modification notification or updated versions for. Evaluation system of computer application system development has a direct significance, need to the function index, performance index, usability, reliability, easy comprehension, maintainability, portability and system cost qualitative or quantitative analysis. The stand or fall of these indicators system to determine the length of life. Visit for FBI virus infomation and removal steps.

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System Progressive Protection Virus is a new fake virus like File Restore virus. You can easily follow the instructions by YooSecurity professionals to remove it completely.In recent years IT industry for senior professional talented person's demand continued to rise, making this one major to enter oneself for an examination the graduate student competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In 2007, majored in computer application to enter oneself for an examination by the number ranked the sixth rose to the third, second only to business management and master of law. Computer application technology is a professional application is very wide range of professional, it with computer basic theory as the foundation, highlight the practical application of computer and network. Students will systematically the study of computer hardware and software and application of basic theory, basic skill and method, have preliminary use the basis of professional theory and engineering and technical method of system development, application, management and maintenance ability.  Professional requirements and employment direction: these professional not only require students to master the basic theory and application development of computer technology, has certain theoretical basis, and at the same time, students are required to have stronger practical ability. Students after graduation in enterprises and institutions, government departments engaged in computer application and computer network system development, maintenance, etc.  For the detailed information on how to remove System Progressive Protection virus, please go to

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How to Remove and Fix Google Redirect Virus | Malware Removal Experts |

Is your computer being hijacked by Google Redirect virus? The main research direction of network information and biological information intelligent processing technology. At present, the main research direction includes:
(1) the intelligent agent (agent) and its application technology: at present the main research main body language, between cooperation and coordination, communication and interactive technology, multi-agent learning and multi-agent system in genome automatic annotation (automated genomic annotation), biological information intelligent integration and sharing web service resources integration application.
(2) the data mining and the knowledge discovery: mainly study the basic theory, found that the algorithm, visualization technology, qualitative and quantitative exchange model, knowledge representation method, found that knowledge of the maintenance and reuse, half structured and unstructured data of online knowledge discovery and data mining, etc.
(3) the semantic web and ontology: the semantic web support technology, model and methods, including extensible markup language (XML, extensible markup language), XML schemas, resource description framework (RDF, resource description framework) and knowledge ontology (ontology) create semantic web support technology. Key research: design machine readable online information content representation, automatic reasoning model, the post-genome semantic web support technology, ontology and gene function annotation, knowledge grid and information grid.
(4) the biological information intelligent processing technology: to study the method of intelligent information processing, key research biological information resources sharing technology and biological information knowledge mining. Mainly includes the research new DNA sequence characteristics analysis method; Research advanced and efficient information analysis and data mining tools, from a large number of multifarious proteomics data to find the inner link, reveals the function of proteins and interaction relations.
The research in recent years has completed the main scientific research projects including: based on web of intelligent information collection and classification system, urban circulation field e-commerce system - China Commodity Exchange, intelligent information extraction and its application research, China's feed service network of research and development, electronic publications information processing system. This direction already joint training doctoral students 2, master graduate student eight. Currently reading joint training doctoral students six, master graduate student six.

Learn how to fix Google redirect virus and remove Google redirect virus with this guide for the detaied steps to restore your surfing experience. 

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YooSecurity is a legit malware and virus removal service provider to remove any threats on users' computers. Is your computer locked by any virus or other malware, you can contact YooSecurity professionals for the virus removal. Training master computer hardware, software, application technology, have installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the computer system ability, can be engaged in software design application and design, multimedia technology, network management, database and management information system maintenance work computer engineering technical and management personnel. Main course: computer operation and application, computer circuit basis, computer principle, computer assembly and debugging, C language, data structure, operation system, database principles and applications, object-oriented program design, software engineering, computer network technology, multimedia technology, etc. This program is to cultivate virtue, wisdom, body, beauty, the fatigue of the all-round development of college level talents. Visit for more information on how to remove  virus and malware completely.

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