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Music Crossroads Malawi has made various efforts to help uplift arts in the country and the recent one being the opening of a music school.

But now Music Crossroads is in another project to uplift female talent through the formation of Daughters Band. This is a group of youthful female artists which will finally be launched on December 13 at Madsco Theatre in Lilongwe.


Music Crossroads Malawi Director Mathews Mfune said on Wednesday that the group has potential.


“This is a group of female artists, for the first time in Malawi, Music Crossroads has managed to put these female artists together and play their own music as a band. They are not just singers but instrumentalists which is rare,” he said.


He said the Daughters’ Band is an initiative of Music Crossroads Malawi to encourage female participation in the music industry in Malawi, that is, to take leading roles in performance.


“The band has been doing intensive training since August. They have already made a mark on their public appearances with Afro-soul music fused with rock, pop and traditional music,” said Mfune.


According to Mfune, Daughters’ Band among others performed at the City of Stars in September, UN International Day, during US Jazz maestro Earl Klugh’s visit to Music Crossroads Centre and at the 2013 IWAM Bazaar at Bishop Mackenzie International Schools.


Daughters’ Band also performed during the Musicians Association of Malawi (Mam) Womens Desk event last month. The band is made up of youthful female artists between the ages of 20 and 29 from around Lilongwe who have been driven with a passion for music and changing the plight of women in the world through music. Some of the members of Daughters Band are Kester Kunje who plays the drums, Prisca Mkaliainga who plays the keyboards, lead guitarist Cynthia Phiri, bassist Phalyce Kumdana, lead vocalist Felistas Phiri and backing vocalist Chrissy Kaunde. Kunje and Kumdana are students at the Music Crossroads Academy where they are mastering the skills in playing instruments.


Meanwhile Mfune also revealed that following a partnership between Music Crossroads Malawi and Musikk og Ungdom(Norway), Kumdana is also set to go to Norway in January next year with five other young people from Music Crossroads Malawi for a cultural exchange where they will stay for 10 months.


Mkaliainga, who is the band leader also went to Norway early this year under the same project and said through the programme she gained alot of cultural experience to help the band move forward.

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