Making Money Online
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Making Money Online
If you are interested in earning 1000 or 2000 or 3000+ dollars per month using your social reach with bare minimum investment and want to get rid of daily monotonous non-luxurious living, read this whole blog.

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Question 1 : What is Empower Network?
Answer 1 : The Empower Network is a Blogging System & Education platform that teaches Internet Marketers/ Network Marketers how to generate leads and traffic through various methods of marketing On-line.

The key to The Empower Networks unparalleled Success is that they provide their affiliates and students with a complete personal blog and marketing funnel.
Providing (ready to go) blogs for It’s members combined with first class blog writing methods has slashed the On-line learning Curve in half.
For literally pennies on the Dollar You get everything you need to start making money On-line..

Question 2 : How much money do I make and how?
Answer 2 : I make money in two ways. First is using Facebook apps and second is using empower network. First method gives me approx. $50,00-60,00 per month and second method gives me around $30,00-40,00 per month. First method requires technical knowledge, so can not be used by others. But second one can be used by any one and I will explain it in this blog

Question 3 : How much I need to invest?
Answer 3 : This network has many products but we will focus on the most basic one. It is a viral blogging platform similar to wordpress or blogger. Cost of it is $25 per month. Apart from this you need to buy payment gateway which will cost $19. In short it will be an investment of only $44. Soon you will realize it is too less as for each sale you will get $25 back also. Explained further in next question

Question 4 : How much can I earn?
Answer 4 : You will earn once you are able to sell the same product to others. Lets see how much can you earn with each sale.
Suppose you make 3 sales. 1st and 3rd sale’s commission will come to you, 2nd will go to your sponsor. So with the investment of $25 , you will get back $ 25 * 2 = $50 per month
So with only 3 sales you will break even, any sale which follows will be your profit only
If you make 10 sales, 3 sales will go to your sponsor and 7 will go to you. In short you will $25*7 = $175 per month
And if you make 100 sales, 21 sales will go to your sponsor and 79 will go to you. Now you can calculate how much you can earn.
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Question 5 : Will I surely make profit here?
Answer 5 : I will be totally frank here. If 100 people are in this network, 5 will be super rich, 10 will be rich, 35 will be making good profits, 30 will just recover their money and last 20 won’t get anything back from this system.

The last 20 are those who will never succeed in their lives and do 9 to 5 salaried job for whole life time and live a mediocre life. Now you decide, which category can you fit in

Question 6: How to Join?
Answer 6 : Click on the following link to join this vibrant network

Question 7 : How to make sales?
Answer 7 : You have to sell the same thing, which you would purchase. If you got convinced to buy it, why can’t you convince others to do same. On an approx a user has a total of 500 FB friends and twitter followers. Even if you mange to make only 10 sales, you will be making approx. $175 per month and I feel this would be a minimum for even an ok to average kind of seller/marketer

Question 8: I have few doubts?
Answer 8 : Shoot you queries at
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