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For many guys, penis size may be a big concern that makes them get more confident or vice versa. If you care about this issue, find a solution to grow your penis and improve your confidence and your sexual life. In this review, I would like to introduce a proven guidebook tested by many men to enlarge penis called Make Mine Grow.

Lawrence William, a sex advisor and a prestigious scientist is the author of this comprehensive system. In his guidebook, Lawrence provides you with a variety of proven tips and tricks to enlarge penis that successfully worked for thousands of men in the world. According to the author, his method can help men increase from 1.5 – 2 inches of their penis sizes and help the penis becomes stronger, thicker and bigger with improved duration and harder erection.

The entire package of Make Mine Grow program includes the main guidebook and an extra bonus book with 23 super sex tips. To compare with other guidebooks on Internet, Lawrence’s guide to grow penis is a scientifically proven e-book, which is guaranteed to work for every adult man of different ages.


The book is designed in PDF format so that you can easily download and read it whenever you are free at home. This actually is a DIY method to grow penis size at home. Hence, you won’t have to feel ashamed of going to the hospital or meeting doctors to deal with this sensitive issue. The Make Mine Grow content is simple, easy to understand but not jam-packed with stuff.

First, the author will teach you to understand fundamentals of penis enlargement. Then, you will be guided to learn exercises for penis enlargement that are easy to follow. You just need to practice these exercises in some weeks and see the results in the first week of your daily routine. Exactly, you will start adding from 1 to 4 inches of your penis size after the first weeks of exercise practice.


The program focuses on techniques that allow you to grow your penis stronger, harder and natural. You will see the big change within 2 weeks or less. Exercising is the main part of the guidebook’s content. The author reveals that you will learn quick exercises while having bath to get longer lasting erections and get stronger any time in bed you want. Lawrence stated that his advanced penis enlargement exercises can help you boost your penis strength by totally 100%. You just need to follow the exercise routine thorough weeks. If you have any problem with premature ejaculation, Make Mine Grow book also guides you to handle this condition within 14 days. Then, you will be able to control your premature ejaculation and increase your penis enlargement faster and more effectively.

There are different exercises you will learn. For instance, warm up, warm down exercises and lubricant can you increase your penis size by 28%. As a part of penis enlargement exercises, you will learn to balance the breathing and gain ultimate penis size, improve your daily sex drive and get multiple orgasms, too.


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