Make Mathematics Accessible and Meaningful
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Making math meaningful is key to reaching students « Beyond the Bricks « UW Tacoma

Making math meaningful is key to reaching students « Beyond the Bricks « UW Tacoma | Make Mathematics Accessible and Meaningful |

Via Alexis
MissKristen's insight:

For students to be able to develop meaning-making about something, they need to be able to make connections first. Something would only make sense to them if they are able to relate it to their background knowledge and experiences. As classrooms become more diverse now, teachers truly need to meet and reach out to the needs of their diverse students first in order to make the subject matter more accessible and meaningful to the students. 

Alexis's curator insight, October 2, 2013 6:33 PM

Making math meaninful to all students is a necessary skill to have in the classroom. Teachers need to meet the diversity demands as well to make math meaningful. If students can connect to math, they will be more interested and motivated to participate and to learn. The nation is becoming more and more diverse and therefore we need good math teachers who can support student's diversity and excel at it. We should always be aware of our students' culture.

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Math Education Professor Dor Abrahamson: Making Math Meaningful (Video) | Edutopia

Math Education Professor Dor Abrahamson: Making Math Meaningful (Video) | Edutopia | Make Mathematics Accessible and Meaningful |'s Director of Video Programming, Zachary Fink, interviews UC Berkeley professor Dor Abrahamson about passion and creativity in math instruction.

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MissKristen's insight:

"Do people have a sense beyond that? Or do people are just scribbling around? And just getting answers without really knowing what they are."


"Use Math in their daily lives to solve something they really care about." (One of my main goals in my class! I really want them to see Math in a different perspective.)


This is such an inspiring video! I also like how he broke down into pieces the definitions or standpoints of making Math meaningful for students. I like what he said about "making these ideas come alive". As a future teacher, I keep trying to learn more how to incorporate authentic context to Math. However, I am not sure if I'm being able to reach out or transfer to my students that Math outside school is more than just doing a Math homeowork at home. I want them to realize, at a young age, that they'll use Math to solve problems they may encounter in real life. I also love how the professor in the video taught about how the images will help students understand the Math instead of the numbers! I am excited and more determined to be creative to fulfill the goal of making Math more meaningful for my students!

Eunmi Yang's curator insight, October 21, 2013 4:07 PM

The way teachers present and plan mathematic lessons really impact the students' way of thinking and understanding. I love that Dor Abrahamson describes math as a way of thinking and a way of making sense of the world. This video opened my eyes as a teacher because I always saw math as something that you can memorize and do well. But it is more effective when the students learn and understand the underlying concept and reasons of why they are making the steps they are when solving a problem.