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Holidays in Lilongwe

Most generally considered a stop over location, Lilongwe is now becoming a more fashionable holiday destination with people visiting from around the world. As capital metropolis of Malawi, Lilongwe is the largest and most important place in the country, offering excellent value for your money holidays in which you will be greeted like royalty. A vacation in Lilongwe will likely be one filled with contrast, as the locals welcome you to the region.

Lilongwe is the gateway for those going to Malawi, and as a city it has two extremely distinct parts that you will have the ability to explore. In between the old town and the capital city place, you will have the ability to enjoy the vibrant life of a conventional African settlement and its bustling marketplaces, and the magnificence of the spacious and green capital. The capital city city now boasts huge boulevards and lawns, with contemporary and artistic buildings on every street. You will find all the normal services you require such as finance institutions and drug stores, as the new town of Lilongwe looks like a modernized Western society.

A huge expatriate society has actually formed in the new town of Lilongwe, making it a really Westernised city and a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle of the bustling markets and cafes. The most well liked attraction stop for tourists to the town is the wildlife reserve which in fact serves as a natural divide between the two really different towns that make up Lilongwe. It is recommended that you take a trip to the sanctury by taxi, as wandering around on foot is still thought to be unsafe in some parts of the town.

The Lilongwe nature shelter boasts nearly 160 types of avian species, and along with alligators, hyena, and vervet monkeys, the reserve is prevalent with visitors of all ages. There are trekking tracks that are plainly sign-posted, producing a tranquil walk by the Lingadzi River. Whilst remaining in Malawi's capital metropolis, you might also check out the tobacco auction, where there is a shocking turn over of around two million dollars on a daily basis. The tobacco auction is temporary, from the beginning of May until September, so at various other times of the year you could want to take pleasure in the craft market or even a round of golf at the Lilongwe Golf Club.

A vacation in Lilongwe might not be your number one choice location, once you learn more about the two extremely unique towns, this capital town city and its appeal will most absolutely start to grow on you. With holiday accommodation being of excellent levels yet still exceptionally low-cost, you can check out the real African life whilst being pampered as if you were royalty.
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