Major Undertakings of Bajaj Group Under Kushagra Bajaj
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Major Undertakings of Bajaj Group Under Kushagra Bajaj
10,000 employees in the sectors of agricultural processing (Sugar), Power, FMCG, Infra & Realestate

14 sugar mills with 136,000 TCD crushing capacity across 14 different locations

Fourth largest sugar producer in the world and Asia’s top sugar producer

Sixth largest producers of Ethanol

Eco- Friendly in tackling with the issue of chemicals use as fertilizers, as it uses the waste of the sugarcane as natural survivors.

A zero debt company with eight decades of experience in serving the people with the arrays in the FMCG sector

BEPL the first of its kind from the Bajaj Group on Thermal Power LPGCL 1,980 MW thermal power plant using Super Critical technology at Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh with expected revenues of 10,000 Crore.

BIDCO functions on infrastructure projects with 2,500 crore in hand.

BIRPL offers in the real estate with land Bank over 45 acres

KJBF social and agricultural development in the area of sustainable use of water

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