Berlinale 2013 Once Again Makes Use of Fraunhofer IIS’s Digital Film Format Know-How | Mad Cornish Projectionist News |

Posted by Briefing Room on February 20, 2013 • 


Erlangen, Germany – Feb. 20, 2013 -- "The 63rd annual Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) rose its curtain on February 7 to bring filmmakers from all around the world together to show 890 films across a variety of categories to 250,000 film lovers. For the second year, Fraunhofer IIS’ Department of Moving Picture Technologies was selected as the go-to digital cinema technical expert for the events.

As the global tally of digital cinema rises, more and more festival entries are being submitted in the digital cinema film format. However, for smaller production companies in particular, producing these digital cinema packages (DCPs) is no easy task. To help, scientists from Fraunhofer IIS provided their expertise to the Berlinale to assist in technical quality control, so that every film submission could have its moment of glory on the big screen.

Experts from the Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen were involved in the 2012 Berlinale as well, helping the festival’s technical team behind the scenes to ensure that all the technology worked without a hitch. This successful collaboration between the Berlinale and Fraunhofer IIS continued in 2013. Fraunhofer experts were on hand since the start of the international film festival to offer immediate help in the event of any problems with the digital cinema packages, to correct any errors and to get films ready to be shown to eager audiences."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul