Intertrust claims it is now easier to use Marlin than other DRMs | The Machinimatographer |

The new ExpressPlay content protection solution-as-a-service makes it dramatically easier to implement DRM for Connected TV and multiscreen services, Intertrust, the company behind the solution, claims. ExpressPlay is designed for use with Marlin DRM, the open-standard content protection system, and can be used with existing Marlin-enabled connected TVs and set-top boxes. The market for this service therefore includes HbbTV-based broadcast/broadband services as well as YouView in the UK. Intertrust says ITV and BT both use the ExpressPlay service for their DRM requirements on YouView. A good proportion of the transactions on the Tivù platform in Italy use the ExpressPlay hosted service. Eutelsat KabelKiosk is going to use this cloud-based content protection.

Via Nicolas Weil