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My Portable Software - Free USB Guard

My Portable Software - Free USB Guard | Machinimania |
Always forget the usb flash drive attached to the work PC or friend's house?

No problem... Free USB Guard will alert you in case a flash drive (or another external drive) is attached during the shutdown or log off process!

The shutdown / log off will be blocked allowing you to take out the flash drive :)

Note about external HDD: the software can also detect them only if they are plugged after the software has been started. Otherwise you can select them manually in the menu "monitor the presence of these drives".


This is a great toll and a great solution to a daily problem that most off us have.

AND it's FREE :-)

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How to Plug In a USB Cable Correctly Every Time

How to Plug In a USB Cable Correctly Every Time | Machinimania |
Somehow, even if we think we know which direction that USB cable is supposed to plug in, you always second guess yourself when it doesn't go in the first time.

Via Tiaan Jonker
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