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A new study shows that an iOS (iPhone, iPad) app yields results on a dichotic listening test that are as reliable as laboratory tests. Two years ago, psychology researcher Josef Bless was listening to music on his phone when he had an idea : “In dichotic listening, each ear is presented with a different syllable at the same time (one to the left and one to the right ear) and the listener has to say which syllable seems clearest.


The test indicates which side of the brain is most active during language processing” Bless explains […]. The app makes it possible to gather large volumes of data easily and inexpensively. I think we will see more and morepsychological tests coming to smartphones” he adds…

> Josef Bless/University of Bergen : http://bit.ly/WGu9UI
> Wiki/Dichotic listening test : http://bit.ly/YTVq4w
> iDichotic website : http://bit.ly/YTVFMY


Via Serge Meunier