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WANNA MASH UP Song Lyrics : This is actually an English song which is sung by Kash, Krissy and Suvi Suresh with the lyrics have been penned by Kash and Krissy while the Music has been composed by A.R. Rahman. WANNA MASH UP Song Details : Song: Wanna Mash Up Singers: Kash, Krissy, Suvi Suresh Lyricist: Kash, Krissy Composer: A.R. Rahman Star Cast: Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda Label: T-Series WANNA MASH UP Song Lyrics Boy.. ee eeh... aa aah... Eh... Let me terminate your.. terminate your.. terminate your body terminate this naughty (x2) I am hot tonally Ritually need finale File I bought my ally You wanna mash up mash up (x2) Shout it out loud... aa aa aah Sell me bell this twist away my mind join spree As I listen to this beat Listen listen to this beat I gotta feeling so reality You see what I see The you make me feel Makes my heart beat a mil Uh.. this the real deal is that the type of thrill That I wanna be about Wanna wanna be about Wanna shout it out loud Shout it, shout it out lo