Detecting Lung Cancer in Phlegm | Lung Cancer Dispatch |

With a new test, getting screened for lung cancer may be as simple as hocking up a loogie. The LuCED test analyzes coughed-up phlegm (strictly called 'sputum' once it has been spit out) for evidence of lung cancer. The test creates detailed three-dimensional (3-D) images of the cells inside the phlegm. In pilot tests, LuCED exhibited over 95% sensitivity (meaning it very rarely missed lung cancer when it was present) and 99.8% selectivity (meaning that it almost never falsely detected lung cancer when it was absent). In contrast, up to 96% of 'lung cancer' findings by computed tomography (CT) are actually false alarms. A highly specific, noninvasive test could greatly promote more effective screening and early detection of lung cancer.