Investigational MAGE-A3 Antigen-Specific Cancer Immunotherapeutic Does Not Meet First Co-Primary Endpoints in MAGRIT, a Phase III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Trial | Lung Cancer Dispatch |

"GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE:GSK) today announced that analysis of the MAGRITi trial, a phase III trial of its MAGE-A3 cancer immunotherapeuticii in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, showed that the trial did not meet its first or second co-primary endpoint as it did not significantly extend disease-free survival (DFSiii) when compared to placebo in either the overall MAGE-A3 positive population (first co-primary endpoint) or in those MAGE-A3-positive patients who did not receive chemotherapy (second co-primary endpoint). GSK currently remains blinded to the overall trial data from the analysis of the first two co-primary endpoints to allow for the unbiased generation of a mathematical model to assess the third co-primary endpointiv."

Editor's Note: This story is about a drug that is meant to boost the patient's own immune system to fight lung cancer. The study has found no significant survival benefit of the drug, but the drug company hopes to find a sub-population of people with lung cancer for whom the drug will work. Learn more about immunotherapy and clinical trials.