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Lund's K-12 Technology Integration
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The Science Of Comic Strips

The Science Of Comic Strips | Lund's K-12 Technology Integration |

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
The Digital Rocking Chair's curator insight, December 19, 2013 3:31 AM

Eric Jaffe:  "[Psychologist Neil Cohn of University of California at San Diego] says any language has a "holy triumvirate" of elements: expressive form, grammar, and meaning. Comics, he argues, meet all three requirements."

Giuseppe Fattori's curator insight, January 8, 2014 5:16 PM

Language is more than just a series of words strung together. A sentence must have some essential structure, some system of rules governing words and clauses--a grammar. You don't have to be Strunk or White to recognize this system at work; it's automatic in the brain. In Noam Chomsky's famous example, people know that the meaningless sentence "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" is grammatically correct the very first time they see it.

Carolyn Guertin's curator insight, July 20, 2014 3:14 AM

comic strips

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7 Great iPad Apps for Creating Comic Strips

7 Great iPad Apps for Creating Comic Strips | Lund's K-12 Technology Integration |

The art of comic creation is one of the best representation of creativity at work. As teachers and educators, we can use the power and versatility of iPad to cultivate a creative culture within our classes and among our students through helping them tinker with and design comics. Here is a list of some great iPad apps you can use for this purpose...

Via Baiba Svenca
LundTechIntegration's insight:

Great resources for CCSS

Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose)'s curator insight, November 5, 2013 5:18 PM

How much fun is this!  Whether you're an individual or an organization, you can make use of these tools to tell your story.

Susan Connor's curator insight, November 21, 2013 8:50 PM

Comic Strips... who would have thought


Ruby Rennie Panter's curator insight, May 30, 2015 4:41 AM

Creating comic strips can be a useful way to combine creativity, narrative and multimodal writing. More importantly - it's fun!