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As more states adopt energy deregulation laws that allow residents to switch away from their state or municipal utility, the electric grid has become even more of a network in every sense, giving customers more say in how much they pay and where their electricity comes from. 


According to a new Green Economy Report, as deregulation spreads, it is creating new opportunities for citizens to be more than mere rate payers, but active participants in the energy distribution industry. The process works by separating the bill into two parts: delivery and supply. Although a utility is still responsible for delivering the power to your door, where this electricity comes from is entirely up to you. 


This simple change is helping more people derive their energy from renewables than ever before. By having a voice, residents can choose 100 percent renewables or natural gas options, and will often receive incentives for making the decision to switch electricity providers. 


"All deregulation means is that it opens up the sources of supply," said Tana Kantor, publisher of report.


In the latest report, distributed energy was discussed in detail, and it also explains how businesses, too, can benefit from switching electricity providers and opting to receive their electricity from renewable power sources.


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Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc