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Junny Lai's insight:

What I belive in Love, it should be eternal and it could be sustainable with appropriate behavior.  But sometime, to control our behaviour is abit problems. While looking back in modern days, couple fall in love together and broke up easily. Families broke and children may forced to live with step parents. Sometime its hard to understand the question behind the scene. But. there is a tool just may solve the problems exactly for everyone. And that is the 5 types of love language. 


Here is the breif of these language:


1. Words Affirmation 

2. Quality Timing
3. Acts of Services
4. Receiving Gifts
5. Physical Touch 


Type 1 love language concerns on what they speak. They think precisely before they speak, they use words to affirm others. In fact, they might be easily offended through words.

Type 2, they are the kind of people who cares about giving the others person your undivided attention. They spent time to gain trust and confidence from their lovers.

Type 3, these people tends to act instead of speak. They are action oriented person, the other half may feel comfortable when actions were applied appropriately.

Type 4, they are the people who love gifts, and please don't be mistaken. They might not be gold digger, these people believe love can be sensible by sending gifts, even a simple one.

Type 5. they are the people who believe nothing is more directly than a simple physical touch like holding their couple's hand, hugs, and other appropriate physical touch.


I believe you may have some ideas whats going on in your relationship and couples broke up easily jut because a single problem. Here is how to apply this in a relationship. 


First, you have to understand your love language, and understand your beloved's one. And act accordingly to their love language type. It might be difficulties for couples who carry different types of language. But its useful to solve problems why acting the way they prefer. 

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