Take This Lollipop Makers' launch Linkin Park’s Personalized Music Video Leaves Fans “Lost in the Echo” | lorena freitas | Scoop.it

From the makers of "Take This Lollipop," Linkin Park’s interactive video invites users to connect through Facebook and see themselves onscreen.


Perhaps the best thing to come out of MTV’s prioritization of "reality" TV over music videos is that more artists have sought more creative means to tell their stories--including releasing interactive videos online that transcend the TV broadcast experience. The latest example comes from electro-leaning rap-rockers Linkin Park, and directors Jason Zada and Jason Nickel from production company Tool, the team that created last year’s award-winning interactive experience, Take This Lollipop.


"Linkin Park came to us with the idea of creating an interactive music video," says Zada. "Since [interactive director] Jason Nickel and I had recently done a Facebook Connect experience, we pitched the idea of doing a personalized music video. The band has almost 45 million Facebook fans, so doing something within that world seemed to make a lot of sense."...

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