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Rewiring Your Emotions | Mindful

Rewiring Your Emotions | Mindful | эмоции и настроение | Scoop.it
Think you're destined to respond the same way emotionally to the same old triggers? Not necessarily so, says Sharon Begley. With a little mind training, you can chart new pathways.

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Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? | эмоции и настроение | Scoop.it

"Refusing to enable my past to have power over my present, I was able to allow the real me to emerge. Initially the fears of who I had become revealed my rawness and vulnerability, but over time my confidence and self-worth grew. No longer was I controlled by others.  No longer did I compare myself to others. After all the years of believing otherwise, I was okay being me."

Via Sam Ross, Teenage Whisperer
Sam Ross, Teenage Whisperer's curator insight, November 12, 2013 3:18 AM

Another powerful post from Carolyn on how being physically and emotionally abandoned as a child led her to have no sense of a positive personal identity which led to a downward spiral of depression and self-medication, which in turn led to addiction. It also is a courageous story of how she embraced the most fundamental of questions 'Who are you?', and rebuilt herself having hit rock bottom.