A new animal study indicates that carnosine helped mediate rheumatoid arthritis effects. Oxidative stress plays an integral part in arthritis. Carnosine and other antioxidant compounds can help ameliorate the symptoms through their free radical scavenging activity.


The study found:

Thus we can conclude that oxidative stress plays an important role in AA and could be controlled by suitable combination therapy of MTX and an antioxidant substance, as demonstrated for carnosine.



Interdiscip Toxicol. 2012 June; 5(2): 84–91. Published online 2012 June. doi: 10.2478/v10102-012-0015-4

PMCID: PMC3485659

Pharmacological influence on processes of adjuvant arthritis: Effect of the combination of an antioxidant active substance with methotrexate

Frantisek Drafi,1 Katarina Bauerova,1 Viera Kuncirova,1 Silvester Ponist,1 Danica Mihalova,1 Tatiana Fedorova,2 Juraj Harmatha,3 and Radomir Nosal1