Gold nanoparticle prostate cancer treatment targets without collateral damage (animal tests) | KurzweilAI | Longevity science |

Animal studies have been conducted successfully using gold nanoparticles to target prostate cancer tumors. Next step-- human trials...


Current treatments for prostate cancer are not effective in patients who have aggressive prostate cancer tumors. Most of the time, prostate cancers are slow-growing; the disease remains localized and it is easily managed. However, aggressive forms of the disease spread to other parts of the body, and is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in U.S. men.


The MU scientists believe their treatment will be able to shrink aggressive tumors or eliminate them completely. Axiak-Bechtel says this treatment can be safe and effective in dogs as well as humans because dogs are the only other mammal to naturally contract the aggressive form of prostate cancer.