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London Periodontists
Periodontitis: Periodontitis or gingivitis is an infection of the mouth tissues which are the gums and the bone that support the teeth. It is a growing concern for London Periodontists , as this condition if untreated causes bone loss around the teeth progressively, thus the teeth will be loosened and in extreme conditions they might even fall. The change in the lifestyle and the worst oral health are two reasons for the periodontists say London periodontists. It is quite common and affect around 90 percent of the adults over 50 years. Around 10% of the adult population are severely affected by periodontitis.

Causes of periodontitis

The prime cause of periodontitis aka gingivitis is due to accumulation of bacteria in the gums lining in the form of a sticky, yellow film, it is also called plaque. If it is left without attention London periodontists say that the bacterial plaque will calcify and a dental calculus is formed. Periodontitis is caused due to many reasons such as:

· Virulent bacteria

· Smoking, it increases the rate of bone loss, slows healing and response to treatment

· Stress

· Systemic diseases such as SLE, diabetes, leukemia

· Genetic history

Symptoms of periodontitis

· Redness and bleeding gums while brushing, flossing

· Inflammation of the gums

· Pus formation in the gums and between the teeth

· Bad oral breath

· Gums recession

· Pockets between teeth and gums- these are sites where the jawbone is destroyed

· Loose, drifty teeth

· Painless bleeding after brushing

Treatment of Periodontitis

London periodontists say it is possible to treat even advanced periodontitis, which is as follows:

Maintaining good oral hygiene- good oral hygiene is very important, as it is the gateway to our health. It is important to brush and floss twice a day. One should never forget inter-dental cleaning with floss or inter dental brushing. They should be a part of everyone; daily oral regimen.

Cleaning and scaling- London periodontists offer professional cleaning hand Scalers and Curettes to remove bacterial plaque and calculus from the surface of the tooth. For more tough plaque and calculus, a powerful ultrasonic vibration and irrigation system is used to disrupt them. To avoid pain a local anesthesia is administered before the procedure. To fight gum disease deep scaling more than once is needed. In some patients with residual inflammation, gingival-periodontal surgery has to be done as the next step in treatment.

Gingival Surgery-this kind of surgery is done to access the root surfaces that are close the level of bone and improve the visibility to remove any inflamed tissue or deposits. Gingival surgery might even be performed for bone augmentation. Bone augmentation can be achieved through bone grafts that are either synthetic or animal derivatives.

Maintenance-once the gums become healthy, it is necessary to make frequent visits to the periodontist to make sure the diseases do not recur. It is important to brush and floss twice a day and use the right brushing techniques. The gums need to be massaged gently with fingertip to keep the gums healthy.

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