The notion that money is an object of intrinsic value is a scientific and mathematic absurdity. Money is a logical entity not a physical one, it is nothing more than a record of value and therefore is not in and of itself a precursor to the creation of wealth nor is it subject to being scarce.


Once one focuses on the fact that money only represents the possibility of replenishing wealth forsaken in past transactions, does it become clear that in this context it cannot be a prize...

Money not being a physical thing, but rather just an abstract construct to record value debunks the idea that money needs to circulate, be bought, sold, or rented.


... as it turns out, the theory of Passive BIBO Currency i.e. the math of measure and stability, also provides the irrefutable proof here that not only is mutual credit doable on any scale and for any size of community, it is the only mathematically and scientifically sound means by which a stable unit of account can be established.

Via Sepp Hasslberger