Fast Talk: Elle Luna's Holistic Vision Of Design | Fast Company | Local Economy in Action |
Meet Elle Luna, who believes design plays a role at every stage of the process--even before teams start to think visually.


Dan Pink in his book A Whole New Mind has chapters on storytelling and design as essential 21st Century work skills.  Here is a demonstration of how the two are coming to life.


This article is an interview with a former IDEO designer Elle Luna who calls herself a "designer, storyteller, and startup advisor."


She chats about how humanizing brands is essential these days -- they are honest, emotional, and engaging (if done right, I add).


The link to storytelling? You can't understand or design effective customer experiences/products/services without listening to and gathering customer's stories.  And you can't engage your customers without sharing your stories in return


The only danger here? Not enough emphasis in the interview was placed on the ongoing dynamics of story listening and story sharing over time. But I am confident that will come!


Enjoy reading the rest of this article and continuing to understand that storytelling is an essential business core competence.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz