Litho - Layered Photography Editing Application | Litho - Layered Photography Editing Application |

Litho, an original photo editing application will be available on October 20th on iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon). This application presents a new dynamic to mobile photographers; offering over 700 effects such as filters, textures, borders, graphics, fonts and more. Litho's user-friendly interface provides a clear and intuitive design expediting the transformation of dull ordinary photos into unique works of art.

Layer textures, filters and more endlessly in any order you'd like with Litho's layer based workflow. Edit photos from your device's gallery or capture new photos directly from within the application. Create rich layered photography with the Double Exposure mode, granting users the ability to layer and blend their images together establishing a truly authentic composition. The optics pack incorporates effects permitting users to mirror images horizontally and vertically. This pack also consists of features a "Special" pack that includes unique filters such as newspaper type halftones, and HDR filter and black & white filters inspired by the famous black & white American photographer Ansel Adams. The Glitch pack located in the same FX category contains a favorite among users, the Bad3D filter that creates a very pleasing vintage 3D effect.


Litho is loaded with texture packs that range from maps, light leaks, nature to space and psychedelic vectors. The app grants users not only complete control of the creative process, but also the freedom to produce, modify and update their work through a series of customizable settings.

Via Kitty Fisher