Nieman Reports | Journalists as Storytellers | Literature & Psychology |

“In its relatively brief history, the Internet has dislocated the economic foundations of traditional media but has also created for society, in general, and journalists, in particular, new possibilities for how their stories can be told. It has broken the one-way communication paradigm in which “we talk, you listen,” and in doing so has required that we, as journalists, develop new storytelling skills.


Journalists are discovering that in the digital age there is life for stories that go well beyond print. In fact, journalism’s survival depends on creating multiple lives for all of our stories. A slideshow, by itself, can tell a story, but a slideshow with audio can tell a different one. Audio alone can tell a story, or it can be used to complement another medium. Animated graphics can tell the story without other text, or video can become the storytelling medium.


All of these elements—audio, video, text and photos—organized in various ways give those who seek out a story a lot of options, such as choosing their entry point and how they want to take in the information they find.”