It's No Go The Poetry Show - Louis MacNeice | literature |

So, our greatest contemporary poet dead and the fiftieth anniversary today (September 3rd) of the death of the second, no the third ... well one of the first division chaps anyway, Louis MacNeice.

Born in Belfast, mother a Cleshan from Ballymacrony, father a minister (of the other sort), and on his way to a bishop. Carrickfergus, school in pretty Sherborne in Dorset, then Marlborough, where a few hard lessons about hierarchy and power were taught. Betjeman and Blunt (the latter finding him “totally, irredeemably heterosexual”). Oxford, Auden, Spender, Day-Lewis, Marxism, the whole gang christened “MacSpaunday”; Mac, though “progressive”, was not so convinced or ready to be convinced about the benefits of the Revolution as Spaunday.

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Via Gerard Beirne