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We're hunter-gatherers they would hunt animals fish gather she'd knots berries mushrooms insects reptiles ever have interesting but they noticed this grain this crash that animals would be wild goats would you trade wild sheep with eat so they thought which give that a try ourselves we can't you raw grasp on what makes you very ill so they learned how to use this grinded down with stones and make it into a part just not quite clear how the which I liked 10,000 years ago right now sure if they knew how to cook it how he'd just a bit too precise means by which they did that but somehow the incorporated wild week the ancestral form of while week into their diet list ancestral wild week that crew Justin fields in Middle East was called in-court now I won't bore you silly with talk of chromosomes and genes no sir two things but if I picked a very nice lady at the audience I'll be chromosomes you has forty-six how about a six-foot to Misaim tribeswoman from equatorial Africa who lives on the blood of cattle forty-six habitats how about a I Aboriginal woman standing four-foot 6 dark kinky hair I who is in the outback Australia forty-six so despite extreme or very striking outward differences we all share forty six chromosomes not one single person here tonight has anything but 46 constructs okay so in-court it.