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Corn Prices Now Observed by Cattle Owners

There are many people who feel that the world runs on technology and yet, there are few people who feel that the world runs because we work close to nature. Running a cattle farm is not everyone’s cup of tea and yet, those who practice it with full dedication know what it means to have their business with the farm animals. The rate of interest or profit percentage or keeping tabs on corn prices and other fodder for the animals, making sure that you do not miss out on any of the vaccination dates and waiting for the next animal auction,are all done by the modern day cattle farmer.


What kind of work is done by the cattle owner?


The cattle owner or the owner of a big farmland is one thing and managing a cattle farm with total devotion is yet another ballgame altogether. The farm owner on one hand has to buy high grade cattle animals and make sure that the animals are well-fed. This means that the corn prices are well under control. A good cattle owner has to have cattle hands who have to keep tabs on making sure the wastage is minimum. It has been seen that many hands or helpers who feed the cattle may not be aware of the rising corn prices or the prices of other fodder and may spill it here or there or worse, they may let it rot at the bottom of the pail. This means that they should first understand that the corn prices are very high and that they need to give it in proper measure to the animals. The modern day cattle owner who is a lot more tech-savvy would keep the purchase order in place and would also enter it manually in the computer excel sheet.


The hard work of a cattle owner:


Today, thankfully, you have specific excel sheets and software that helps you manage everything sitting in your barn and not having to run to the farm for everything. Understanding these kinds of emergency needs of cattle owners Linus7 have come up with this software.


The owners can also make sure that the feed stock is maintained and when they are going to reach the bottom level.If there are few things that are running short, then the cattle owner would make sure that nothing goes amiss or out of his knowledge. The cattle owner should be aware of the corn prices and make sure that the prices of fodder and corn prices would be under control. Similarly, the cattle managers can also keep track of all the cows and cattle purchased and ensure that the health of these animals are taken care of and they are in good health through medication.


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Linus 7: The Best Cattle Management Software


Cattle management software is a software program that can assist in the management of your cattle and livestock on your farm or ranch. Basically, it can be used to manage any budgeting, operational and financial aspects of your cattle. Linus 7 is one of the best cattle management software programs that can help in managing inventory and tracking marketing positions for your livestock.


What it can do?


Whether you have a cattle ranch, dairy farm or plantation, Linus 7 can be specifically tailor-made to meet your operations. This cattle management software helps in managing different kinds of livestock, including sheeps, horses, dairy, cattle, goats, wildlife etc. As a primary producer, you are allowed to easily monitor your ranch operations and also save the resources.


How it helps


When you start using this software, you can import your existing inventory data with its importing feature.


You can know your cattle’s ROI by inputting your basis, ration cost, average gain and other variables. This information can be used to make wiser buying and selling decisions.


The software will allow you to manage all information about your cattle in one place, including the cattle sale contracts, grain/energy purchases, feeder purchase orders, projects profits, delivery dates, etc.


By tracking real-time market moves, you can know your profit chances, market sensitivity and other points that can affect your cattle operations.


If you are new in the field and want expert advice while making decisions, then you can get connected to a team of certified experts through the Linus 7 software, and gain help to assess risk tolerance, build a risk management plan, set your ROI goals etc.


With user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features, you can frequently update your cattle related information, including paddock grazing info, livestock transfers, EID for animals, etc.


Risk management with Linus 7


With Linus 7 cattle management software, you do not need to manage any spreadsheets. You can go completely paper-less with this software, as its cloud-based system keeps all your purchase orders, inventory data and cattle contracts in one digital place. With real-time market alerts, you know when the market conditions change, thus you can stay protected against market instabilities. On the contrary, you can take advantage of the market conditions whenever they are favorable for you.


Linus 7 cattle management software has become a new way for ranchers and farmers to manage their livestock. This software allows you to record information there and then, instead of doing it weeks later on papers. With this software, you can keep your cattle records in a centralized location, so that you can refer to it whenever and wherever you want. Quickly view information about your livestock, and make your cattle related decisions more wisely.


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Best Cattle Management Software - Brought to All the Ranches

Ranches and cattle farms across Canada and the Americas today have understood that there is a great help by keeping tab on the cattle animals as they grow up. The help is offered by high-end cattle management software that companies like Linus7 are offering since the procedures that are involved in ranch management have increased over the years.


It is not surprising to know that cattle ranches are places with plenty of overhead work and there would be enough work to keep the farm hands and even farm owners stay on their feet all day and night. But, today, with the assistance of detailed cattle management spreadsheet and computerized database system, the cattle herd gets managed easily.


Features to look forward in cattle management software:

We all know that having cattle farms is a very lucrative business option and it can earn in a lot of money with careful analysis and judgment. It requires a lot of panache in handling animals and see to it that they have all the documents stored so that later in life, they can be insured and even sold at very high prices. Today, with best cattle management software from software development companies like Linus7, you can get a detailed assistance that you would need for managing cattle animals.


Your cattle animals would have purchase orders, vaccination records, artificial insemination documents and even registration details that you might have to pass on to the next buyer in future. All these details are inserted in the cattle management spreadsheet and they can be updated every now and then. Similarly, depending on the breed, and the age, you can organize these cattle animals in groups using the software.


Healthy cattle fetch higher price:

This is very true, since when the cattle gets its feed from nourishing pasture and gets its regular check up done systematically without failing on any date, then the health of the cattle would surely be visible. However, it is vital for a business-oriented rancher to know the production rate and the progress report of the animals. Automated cattle herd management software will help you understand the growth and productivity of a particular breed and find its ROI in the real time basis.


We all know that there is a lot of risk involved in the equity market, and yet with this software you can do justice to your cattle risk management methods and be reassured. The software does all this and helps you run your ranch business reaping profits and gaining popularity in the fraternity. Documentation, ease of use, providing instant updates on the market and even offering guidance on market stability, are all benefits of this best cattle management software today.


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Linus7 - Unparallel Cattle Feedlot Management Software

Cattle management has many things in it and feedlot management is one of the most integral components of the same. Feedlots are the place where high energy diet is provided to the cattle so that can get ready for the slaughter market. Hence it is very necessary to keep track of the grain purchase and Linus7 as a feedlot management software does the same with a certain panache. The cattle tracking software keep track of all the cattle in the feedlot as well as the diet of each one of them so that risks due to poor diet or diseases can be minimized at best.

There are a number of management practices that one need to follow in a feedlot and some of these are vaccination of cattle and their treatment to reduce any death loss as many new farm animals do not adapt themselves in a changed environment or weather conditions when brought from one place to another in a feedlot. The availability of a software due to technological advance in every field is a quite a welcoming change in the cattle management system. The use of such software means the ability to keep track of multiple processes at the same time and that too with a remarkable precision.

Key features of Linus7 as a cattle software

There are many advantages of the premium feedlot management software because of its excellent features that also establish it as superb cattle risk management software as well inventory software.

Easy to learn for users
Training facility available
Import existing inventory data
Offers projected return on investment (ROI)
Check profit opportunities
Availability of expert’s advice

With monthly ration costs and a perfect track of feeder purchase orders, it is imperative that cattle management becomes easy and stress about the job get reduced considerably. With the prices of cattle reaching its peak, venturing into this business is lucrative and many people are just worried about the labor that is needed to excel in this business, Linus7 as superb feedlot management software also sums up as cattle inventory software and does all the tasks pertaining to cattle management system in an error-free manner. Hence, it is really great to finally getting a cattle software that not only promises but also delivers.

With everything computerized to simplify the operations, cattle feedlot management software is immensely helpful for farm owners or feedlot managers.  

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Need of Software for Effective Cattle Risk Management



linus7software's insight:

Cattle management is a tough task and needs a lot of patience. Cattles are prone to diseases due to unexpected change in weather conditions and sometimes due to other external factors. The advancement of technology has been a boon in the field of cattle management system as now excellent software are available for many kinds of tasks that are essential to do reduce the chances of risks in a cattle management system. Linus 7 is one such cattle software that works excellently in this regard and effectively does the cattle risk management.

What are the potential risks to cattle?

There are many risk factors that play a major role in deterring the possible profit of a cattle feeder. Some of these are the following ones.

Weather conditions
Health problems
Density of cattle in a specific area
Previous exposure

Of all the above risk factors, health problems like lameness, stillbirth, pneumonia, anthrax, pinkeye and others need to be managed before they seriously affect the cattle and causes huge business loss. The quality of fodder if not monitored regularly can also contribute to diseases among cattle. The availability of feedlot management software really has the potential to help cattle owners in a myriad of ways.

How Linus7 will work as cattle software?

Linus7 works as brilliant cattle software by making things absolutely easy in cattle risk management.  The cattle software works in the following ways to reduce the risks encountered in cattle management.

Import of existing inventory data rules out the need of re-entering data every time as the software is well-integrated with the most reputed feedlot management systems of the world like Daily Grains, Animal Health International and many more.

A projected ROI always help in taking an informed decision and this helps immensely while planning to purchase any new livestock from the market.

Is not it great to have the ability of tracking the cattle sales contracts or grain purchases? Linus7 as a cattle tracking software does the same with utmost efficiency.

Keep a tab on the market that can help you to make more possibilities for your business and less chances of suffering a business loss.

Expert advice always helps a business and for cattle management for reduced risk, the cattle risk management software offers the same from certified financial planners of the industry.

Even a free software tour is available to know the exact functionality and effectiveness of Linus7 as a genius cattle risk manager. For more details, just pay a visit to There is also facility of training and assistance for an account set up. You can also fill the contact us page to get in a quick touch with experts at Linus7.

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Cattle Herd Management Software and its Popularity

When all the things in the world have been influenced by the whirlpool of technological advancements, can farming be left alone? Cattle beef and cattle herd farming can be traced back to a time when man was just learning to make tools. Then handling a pair of oxen or calves was quite easy as compared to the present day when a normal cattle owner has to manage a farm quite big in numbers and earn profits. Buying and selling of cattle, managing their health conditions, understanding their feeding methodology, can now be monitored by highly advanced cattle management software from a company like Linus7 that helps a farmer do all these works and function very systematically and in time so that not a function gets missed in the interim.


Why cattle management is in demand now?

These days, everyone understands that with computerized methods, one can keep track of almost everything and handle that from anywhere in the world too. Cattle management software can be said to be a blessing for all those cattle owners and commercial beef breeders who used to feel flustered keeping track of the feeder stock and inventory while also keeping an eye open to see the fluctuations happening in the market. Cattle risk management today has an entirely new definition since one does understand the volatility of the equity markets.


This kind of situation did not exist few years ago and it took the matters of the farm to reach the ears of the owner days after it would happen. Today, all you need to do is sit back and enter all the basic data of a particular cow from a specific batch and then let the software track its pregnancy chart and calculate its gestation period and offer you alert to know when your cow might calve.


The ease of having cattle management software:

The cattle herd management software is also helpful in keeping you track with the stock in hand for the feeders and when you might need a refill, so that you can place purchase orders. The software also helps in keeping a softcopy ready of all the registration details of all the cattle animals. This means that you will have the date of their birth, their dates of purchase, their registration numbers, their breed type, their pregnancy checks, and their vaccination details. All these are laid out precisely in the cattle management spreadsheet that can be customized to add newer fields to add in more details that might help you fetch higher price at the next auction.


You can even upload the pictures of your cattle on this Cattle farm management software so that your prospective client can have a look before he drops in to purchase.


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Manage Livestock With Linus 7 Cattle Record Keeping Software

Are you still using spreadsheet, paper and pencils to keep record of your cattle operations? If yes, then you are definitely missing out something. Whether you are running a small farm or a huge commercial ranch, a cattle record keeping software can help you in organizing your cattle records digitally, thus improving your herd management. Linus 7 is an easy-to-use cattle record keeping software, which you can use even if you are not computer literate. The software has a user-friendly layout that is supported by detailed help manual and customer support.


Benefits of using Linus 7 cattle record keeping software

Agriculture is one of the biggest fragmented industries across the globe, with cattle management forming an important part of this. There are millions of livestock management operators out there, with annual revenue totaling to billions. Only a small percentage of these operations have over 500 cattle heads, making it an extremely fragmented industry. Linus 7 serves as a great opportunity for ranchers and farmers to boost their productivity. With this cattle record keeping software, you can get a better insight into your business, automatically track your stock movements, improve your sales, store real-time genealogy and breeding data, monitor cattle productivity metrics, keep record of cull information etc. in a digital and cost-effective manner. In other words, this software will allow you to concentrate more on your farm operations, rather than staying busy with tedious administration related activities.


Improve Your Farm Operations With Linus 7

With Linus 7 cattle record keeping software, you can see dramatic improvement in the productivity of your ranch or farm. With quality cattle management solutions and features, you can keep digital records of your livestock without stretching your wallet. Whether you want a software program for your dairy, cattle, pigs, horses or wild animals, there are many good features that you may use.


What you can do with the software

With this software, you can record information about individual animals, including their physical characteristics such as their ear tag, electronic ID, holding brands, color marks, breed etc. You can also track their preventive treatment as part of their health program. You can log their movements every time you move one animal, a group or rotate the pasture. When you start using the software, you can even import previous data from another source. If you are buying or selling cattle, you receive real-time market alerts so that you can plan your transactions favorably. If you are new in the industry, you can connect to market experts via the software, and seek expert advice from them.


So, whether you are a farm or ranch owner, you can use Linus 7 cattle record keeping software to easily record and manage your cattle and plan your transactions accordingly.


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Cattle Management Software - Redefining Modern day Cattle Farming



linus7software's insight:

There was a time when in the past, having a farm with few cattle animals grazing the fields and nearby meadows were just the most fundamental work done. But, no one would have in their wildest dreams, wondered that technology could in any way come to help in so many ways in managing the cattle and that too in such a major fashion. Today, using several techniques and practical knowledge of farming and cattle management system, modern day farmers and estate owners have found that their medium to large sized farms and cattle livestock can be handled in a very scientific and time effective manner.

How cattle management software can help farmers?

People who have livestock and raise them wish to buy more and sell more and this animal husbandry is such a business that has been found to be the most profitable worldwide. Still, a person entering freshly in to this industry would not know the risks that this field involves or if the time is right to sell or buy livestock. Therefore, these days with specialized cattle management software you can do all this and much more. There are few very common features that a proper beef cattle management software from a company like Linus7 is sure to offer all the clients.

First, using this highly advanced cattle herd management software you can now, keep track of all the members in your cattle livestock individually and their health conditions.

Secondly, this software comes with an in-built cattle management spreadsheet that can help you track the demand and supply in the feeders as well as shows you the ROI that you might incur on selling or buying cattle at a specific time.

Further, you can also calculate the risks in the equity markets and judge the time on a real time basis. This means that the software will without any problem just show you how to avoid the risks and help you minimize the loss while selling or buying cattle.

Further benefits of cattle management software:

Smart and systematized cattle management software has been found to answer the doubts and problems of many small and large sized farm owners and cattle owners in Canada. Where selling and buying of animals may be profitable, but it is definitely vital for farmers to ensure that feedstock reaches the cattle and has plenty in stock for some time. This software also helps in keeping the farmers updated on whatever changes that happen in the equity markets every minute.

Therefore, to attain success in this business of cattle farming, the advanced methods of cattle farm management software is definitely appreciated since, the losses are minimized and health and profit of farmers are optimized.

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Now Keep a Track of your Feeder Purchase Orders by Linus7



linus7software's insight:

Cattle management is a tedious task which need much labor and off course a sharp mind to take decisions within a certain timeframe for having a good business. The most difficult part is to keep tract of the feeder purchase orders and now things are improved significantly because of the cattle software existing in the market. This has simplified the cattle management system to a certain extent and Linus7 is one of the cattle software that excels as a feedlot management software as well as cattle inventory software. The software keeps a track of the feeder purchase orders like never before and this has encouraged people who want to venture into the cattle business, but are skeptical because of the complexities involved in tracking feeder purchase orders and in effective cattle risk management.

Right track of feeder purchase orders is a necessity

Yes, this is absolutely necessary and not only maintaining purchase order of feeder cattle, but also purchase orders of machineries, fencing, grain, etc. However, as a cattle management system has many diverse components, it becomes impossible to keep a track of the feeder purchase orders and this is done brilliantly by the cattle software. It manages everything in one place so that the purchase order, sales contracts and energy purchases can be maintained at the same place. In a nutshell, it acts as a smart cattle financial management system effortlessly.

What encourages feeder purchases?

Cattle does not live forever and may be give you any profit due to some disease anytime so for replacement as well as with a viewpoint to get improved breeds, feeder purchases are made from time to time. There are off course some other reasons also like the following ones.

•    Poor conformation
•    Maternal issues
•    Bad temperament
•    Health issues
•    Grazing problems
•    Breeding problems

Now, cattle software can be used as a cattle tracking software in additional to other benefits and has ease out the entire process of the cattle management. There is no more difficulty in making new purchases and fear of losing the return on investment as the software also sums up as effective cattle inventory software too.

Thus, the software is marvelous in keeping track of feeder purchase orders on a continual basis without leaving any room for errors. Today, with most of the people being tech savvy, use of such cattle software has increases the chances of doing the cattle business with an assurance of a better ROI as risks are reduced and many tools are there in the software to manage the cattle business. The cattle risk management software is easy to use and there is also facility of free training from the company professionals.  

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