How to upgrade Firmware of Linksys EA2700 Router | Linksys router Support |

Firmware is a hardware version of your router designed to maintain its functionality, performance, security and reliability. When you say you have to upgrade firmware of your router, it means you will upgrade its hardware version.

Like others, your Linksys EA2700 router also has a firmware version that needs to be upgraded from time to time. Cisco releases firmware upgrades for all its products from time to time. Check out the steps given below and upgrade your router’s firmware:

Step1: Open your web browser and visit the Cisco website. Locate your Linksys model number’s details on the website and look for the firmware file (Cisco Connect Cloud). Make sure that you download the correct firmware file designed for Linksys EA2700 router.

Step2: Save the file when prompted. Choose a location to save the file. Now extract the file’s contents by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract All. A new folder will appear in the same location. Remember, you will have to upload this file to upgrade the firmware.

Step3: When done, exit the browser window. Before you begin to upgrade, save your existing wireless configurations, otherwise these will be lost. You must log in to your Linksys router’s web interface to do so. Once you have backed up the settings, you can begin to upgrade its firmware.

Step4: Reopen your web browser and type ‘’ in the address bar. Hit Enter to proceed. In the next screen, if prompted, enter your admin password to log in to the router. if you never set up a custom password, enter the default one. Once logged in, click the Administration tab and then click Manual Upgrade.

Step5: Click the Browse button to browse the file. Select and open the unzipped firmware file (and not the original zip file) and then click the Start Upgrade button. Ignore if any warning appears on the screen. Wait for the upgrade to complete. When prompted, restart your computer.

Step6: That’s it and your router’s firmware will be upgraded. This method can be applied to the entire Linksys EA series to upgrade the firmware. See More ( )

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