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If there are any ladies reading this then the terms im using to title this video is quite extreme, I don’t feel that any woman on the planet deserves to be called a slut, a slag or a slapper however I really needed something to capture the eye.

The truth is most guys especially alpha males want a lot more action in the bedroom than what our wives and girlfriends are prepared to give. Even if our partners are fantastic and know how to move their bodies in a great way we still want something more. You have heard of the expression right, you can’t have burger and fries every night well the same applies to our women.

Seriously folks im really not trying to be derogatory towards women here with the whole local slags and local slappers statements but the thought of different women lining up to take a bit of our manhood is just to much to take.

The truth is its the way us men are built and that’s a fact, yes I realise society tells us its right to have 1 partner for our entire lives and if we look at another female we are bad! Men get ridiculed for watching porn or seeking out escorts however just think to yourself why are this huge billion dollar industries available if this is so wrong?

There came a time in my life whilst out visiting nature that I realised we are no different to any other male on this planet. Animals have a choice of female to choose from and there is a reason for this. They completely understand how they are suppose to live in nature and natures way is to reproduce with as many men as possible, the whole term of local slags and or local slappers is just stupid to be honest. Look at a lioness, she’ll have sex with the same male lion until he is beaten off his thrown by another and then she has sex with him instead, do we then  start calling the lioness a slut for not sticking by her man?

The similarities between mammals is amazing! How many times do we see females love guys fighting over them, then when she has that solid man she is content whereas males must find more females to share his seed, this goes on throughout the animal kingdom.

Its not my intention to start getting all deep on you but its a blatant fact and im fed up with society telling me its wrong. Whether you want to call women local slags or local slappers or whatever, the bottom line is your judging your fellow female sister for only doing what comes natural and guys prefer these women because at least they understand the male psyche that little bit more

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Local slags and local slappers are what men want