Life underneath the academEnglish verbiage
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Scooped by Dov Henis!

Intelligent Life, What and Whence It Is

Why RNA genes are the heart of medicine…


Life underneath the academEnglish verbiage…


Intelliget Life



mass format of evolving naturally selected RNA nucleotide(s), which is life’s primal organism.


Natural selection: 

ubiquitous phenomenon of material that augments its energy constraint.



inert-moving graviton(s), the fundamental particle of the universe, inert extremely briefly at the pre-big-bang singularity .



learning from experience.


Intelligent Life

Life is an evolving system continuously undergoing natural selection i.e. continuously selecting, intelligently, opportunities to augment its energy constraint in order to survive i.e. in order to avoid its own mass format being re-converted to energy.


Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)

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Scooped by Dov Henis!

2012 science things to think about...

2012 science things to think about...

Starting with:

E energy is m mass in motion,

gravity is propensity of energy reconversion to mass.


Re some presently esteemed basic science concepts…:

Betrayal Of The Enlightenment Science Heritage

Three glaring examples of betrayal of the Enlightenment science heritage:

- The Higgs particle case: by plain common sense and data the origin of all mass in the universe is the minuscule pre-big-bang gravitons singularity…

- Life nature and genesis: by plain common sense and data life is just another mass format …a self-replicating format…

- The Genetics concepts: by plain common sense and data culture and natural selection are ubiquitous for ALL mass formats, and genetics are their

evolving RNA nucleotide progenies…subject to Darwin and Pavlov processes…

1.Ponder why Mass = Energy at singularity…
2.Ponder that Culture is reaction-to-circumstances/drive-to-survival by ALL MASS FORMATS…
3.Ponder the implications of the various modes of Cooperation in nature…
4.Ponder that Intelligence = learning from experience…
5.Ponder that in an evolving two-pole system (m/E, singularity/max expanded) there cannot be randomness…

6. Ponder that in an evolving two-pole system m/E, gravitation is propensity of energy reconversion to mass…

7. Re “randomness” in nature:

Change of mass format is not randomizing

Thus, for example, heating a material, a mass format, is not “randomizing” it. It is changing the mobilities of its constituents, their energetic characteristics. It is changing the mass format properties.


2012: Restructure Science Plans, Policies, Budgets

A. Higgs Particle YOK

Eppur Si Muove, Higgs Particle YOK

Regardless Of Whatever Whoever

Regardless Of Whatever Is Said By Whoever Says It -
Higgs Particle YOK.

S Hawking is simply wrong in accepting it. Obviously wrong.
Everyone who accepts the story of the Higgs particle is simply wrong.
Plain commonsense.

Singularity and the Big Bang MUST have happened with the smallest base universe particles, the gravitons, that MUST be both energy and mass, even if they are inert mass just one smallest fraction of a second at singularity. All mass formats evolve from gravitons that convert into energy i.e. extricate from their gravitons clusters into mass formats in motion, energy. And they all end up again as mass in a repeat singularity.

Universe expansion and re-contraction proceed simultaneously..

B. Refresh Present SCIENCE Comprehensions And Restructure Science Plans, Policies And Budgets

Who Suppresses Science Creativity? Does Academia Suppress Creativity?

Again and again, ad absurdum:

Since the 1920s SCIENCE is suppressed by a Technology Culture, tightly supervised by a religious old style trade union , the AAAS…

Liberate Your Mind From Concepts Dictated By The Religious Trade-Union AAAS:

USA Science? Re-Comprehend Origins And Essence

* Higgs Particle? Dark Energy/Matter? Epigenetics? All YOK!

* Earth-life is just another, self-replicating, mass format.

* All mass formats evolve from gravitons, the primal universe mass-energy particles.

* Since singularity gravitons are extricated from their big-bang clusters , i.e. become mobile, energy, at a constant rate.

* All mass formats follow natural selection, i.e. intake of energy or their energy taken in by other mass formats.

* Evolution Is The Quantum Mechanics Of Natural Selection.

* Quantum mechanics are mechanisms, possible or probable or actual mechanisms of natural selection.

* Life’s Evolution is the quantum mechanics of biology.

* Every evolution, of all disciplines, is the quantum mechanics of the discipline’s natural selection.


Update Concepts-Comprehension…

Earth life genesis from aromaticity-H bonding

Universe-Energy-Mass-Life Compilation

Seed of human-chimp genome diversity

New Era For Science Including Genomics

C. Universe Inflation And Expansion

Inflation on Trial

Astrophysicists interrogate one of their most successful theories


Inflation and expansion are per Newton.

Since the Big Bang galactic clusters loose mass at constant rate. Mass, gravitons, continue escaping at constant rate from their Big Bang fragments-clusters thus becoming energy, mass in motion, thus thrusting the clusters. Constant thrust and decreasing galactic clusters weight accelerate the separation of clusters from each other.

Common sense.


Natural Selection Is Built-In Hypocrisy In US Science Structure

In addition to the omnipotency of the AAAS trade-union-church with its science testament and gospels...:


Where the Nation Turns for Independent, Expert Advice


Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine


In the Executive Office of the President, the main body advising the president on science policy is the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Other advisory bodies exist within the Executive Office of the President, including the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology and the National Science and Technology Council.

Further advice (on legislating science policy) is provided by extra-governmental organizations such as The National Academies, which was created and mostly funded by the federal government,[2] and the RAND Corporation, as well as other non-profit organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Chemical Society among others.


Conflict of interest arises whenever the personal or professional interests of a board or committee member or of an expert adviser are potentially at odds with the best interests of the nonprofit…by the people for the people…


I rest the people’s case…

Dov Henis

(comments from 22nd century)


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