Life is beautiful
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Action is everything in Life - Feelwithin

Action is everything in Life - Feelwithin | Life is beautiful |
Life is simple and beautiful. Do not complicate it by adding zillions of clueless thoughts that have nothing to do in your life. Action is everything.
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Inspiration; Not Expectation

Inspiration; Not Expectation | Life is beautiful |
Janice Marturano on how mindfulness can inspire us at work and in the office.

Via Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor's curator insight, December 1, 2013 6:45 PM

To lead with excellence is to inspire.  Yet in an all too busy world, we often live an autopilot existence.  It is because of this that "we begin to trade inspiration for expectation", says Janice Marturano


If even one person is touched by another who inspires them, "there is no need to worry about maintaining or even articulating expectations."  In fact, inspiring another person can be like rocket fuel in helping them to reach their full potential.


So how does one become an inspirational leader?  Mindfulness is key.  "Inspiration requires leadership presence, the ability to clearly see what is here and now rather than what is expected", seeing potential for limitless creativity, letting go, and suspending judgment.


Just three questions will get you on your way:


  1. What might I discover by being fully present without expectations?
  2. Can I let go of any expectations and simply hold an intention to be present?
  3. Would that openness inspire others to stretch and think outside the box?
Jenise Harmon's curator insight, April 5, 2014 7:41 AM

Mindfulness is a key component in a happy life.