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By Gary price:

Report: Further Investigation into 3D Printing/3D Scanning at Dalhousie U. Libraries: Case Study via @infodocket


This paper will describe the author’s (Michael Groenendyk) own process in building and cataloging a collection of 3D models on the DalSpace servers at the Dalhousie University Libraries. This paper will then explore other methods for delivering 3D model content to library patrons, including 3D holograph and WebGL technologies.

Following this 3D model repository discussion, this paper will describe how 3D printing technology, implemented as a service at the Dalhousie University Libraries in March of 2012, was used to deliver 3D model content to library patrons; the challenges faced in delivering this service; how this service was used; and finally how successful, overall, this service was.

Via Karen du Toit