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Whether it's in our physical spaces or the depth of our instruction, the library should be a spot where kids use its resources to make new stuff.  As Joyce Valenza says, "the library should be more like a kitchen than a grocery store." It's not a place for kids to simply fill their carts and leave.  It's a place where they should be using the resources in the library to concoct whatever they can imagine.

All of which leads me back to the purpose of this post, which is to share some of my favorite APPs to help spark student creativity.   If you're lucky to have access to mobile devices in your library, these would make some great additions to your APP collection.   And if you don't have such access, they are worth exploring anyway - to consider what they provide students with the opportunity to do and then to think about how you can provide students with those same opportunities with or without a gadget.


Via Karen du Toit