Zinio Now Offers Free Back Issues of Magazines Through Public Libraries | The eBook Reader Blog | Library collections for learning | Scoop.it

"A few months back I posted about how Zinio now offers hundreds of magazines for download for free through public libraries. Being able to download dozens of popular magazine titles for free is a great way to get digital magazines. It still seems a little too good to be true, but it’s been 3 months and the system is still going strong. My library’s selection of magazines continues to grow. There are now over 240 separate titles. And now they’ve added the ability to download back issues of most titles. That’s right. Zinio now offers back issues through public libraries. It varies from title to title just how far issues go back. A lot of them seem to go back to December 2012, but I happened to notice that Business Week offer back issues all the way back to January 2003. That’s over 500 back issues!"

Via Karen du Toit