Citelighter (The Pinterest For Research) Launches Massive Global Learning Database - Edudemic | Librarians Teaching Information Literacy |

- Like Pinterest, you download their toolbar which allows you to quickly capture content that you’re looking at online.

- Then, you can add comments while they’re still fresh in your head (perhaps to remind you why you thought it was useful in case you forget later on?) and then the toolbar creates the corresponding bibliographic citation for you.

- Once you’re done, you export your facts, citations, and notes to a word document to use later when writing a paper or creating a reference document. As you go, you can check out your list of references and notes, organize them as you wish, and view recommended Pro Articles. As you go about your business, collecting references on the education policies of the US presidential candidates or the origins of Morse Code, Citelighter aggregates them for each specific topic on Knowledge Cards.