San Diego, CA 27th August, 2014 one of the leading letter of intent writers in the market has urged online based letter of intent consultants to take bolder and stronger steps in reducing the cost of professional services. The company notes that the only way the online based letter of intent writing industry will achieve its full potential is if access to services is easier. The company sees reduced costs as the best way to achieve that goal.

Thos recent news comes as the 20% discount on offer at the company hits its fifth month. The writer has been offering the price off for all its letter of intent writing services as part of a strategy to mainstream great affordability to its services and so far, notes that the discount has been a complete success. The company is looking to expand its current market share substantially by leveraging on the increasing demand for affordable and quality letters of intent.

The provider has urged other writing firms in the market to follow its lead saying that with reduced costs of services it will be easier for players in the industry to open up professional help in writing a letter of intent to as many new customers as possible. agrees that the efforts a lot of letter of intent writers have taken in promoting affordability have not been enough and it's time for something drastic to happen.

In any case however, the firm has assured its customers that it will continue to offer the 20% discount offer for the next few months. The provider has not ruled out the possibility of making the deal permanent but so far, the success it has reported has been amazing. notes that for the five months the 20% discount has been up and running orders for its business letter of intent have more than doubled.

The letter of internet writer sees this as great proof of the potential growth the online sector can post if indeed bolder steps are undertaken in making letter of intent writing services affordable. Moving forward, has confirmed that it will be laying down a number of innovative strategies to mainstream affordability in its services even further. Please get in touch with the company through for the best letter of intent for a job.

About is a leading letter of intent writer in the market that offers affordable and quality letters to a wide range of customers. The firm is one of the most experienced writers in the industry and has been helping customers get professional and quality letters at no extra costs. For more information please visit

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