Daphne Bousquet, Creator of the How To Get The Butts in the Seats of Your Next Seminar on Let's Talk Strategies | Let's Talk Strategies | Scoop.it
Daphne Bousquet, founder of Event Strategy Solutions   Daphne Bousquet with eventstrategysolutions.com works with speakers, coaches, and service professionals, who want to increase their client base, boost their visibility and add as much as 6 figures...


Tune in and listen to a 30-minute segment from Daphne Bousquet on “The 10K in a Day Marketing Strategy That Every Coach Can Use” on Tuesday’s at 11:30 am.


You can listen to the live interview with Daphne Bousquet online [http://bit.ly/talkstrategiesDBCMP] or call our show Hotline at (323) 657-0935 to join the conversation.