I Want To Run Rings Around Your Rosies: The Truth About Cock Rings | Lingerie Stocking Girl | Let's Get Sex Positive | Scoop.it

Many people, and especially too many men, think that use of a cock ring is some sort of weakness. I’m here to set you — and your cock — straight about cock rings. *wink*




First, what is a cock ring and what does it really do?


What will your partner think?


What are the cock ring options?


What does Caitlin think of cock rings?


I love it when my gentlemen callers wear cock rings during calls and chats! Cock rings help them last through my long teasing sessions. Teasing itself is designed to delay and heighten orgasm. But when I tease a man wearing a cock ring?! Oh, holy heaven! Talk about edging! Talk about delaying and heightening orgasm! Or, I should say, talk about delaying and therefore heightening orgasms — because there’s more than one, there’s yours and mine!