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Le Senate – New Types of Wine in Le Marche

Le Senate – New Types of Wine in Le Marche | LeSenate - Red Wines Made in Marche | Scoop.it

On a recent trip to Italy we again visited the region of Le Marche on the Adriatic Coast and stopped in at the relatively new winery named Le Senate (www.lesenate.it/). The winery, located in the hills overlooking the small town of Altidona and the Adriatic, is owned and operated Giulio Visi and his wife Pamela.
Most of the wineries in this area are hundreds of years old and still operated by the same family. But in 2003 when Le Senate was formed, Giulio and Pamela decided that their wines would not simply follow the traditional wines of the area such as Rosso Piceno. Rather than employing long-established grapes like Montepulciano and Sangiovese, Le Senate would grow French varietal grapes so that winemaker Guilio could create high quality wines unique to the area. Thus in 2003 they planted Cabernet Sauvingnon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. At present, Le Senate is the only winery in Le Marche offering a local rendition of a Bourdeau wine.
Le Senate has released only one wine so far, its 2012 Barbula. However, since they plan to release a Riserva Barbula within twelve months, they allowed us into the winery to taste the first vintages they have bottled as well as barrel taste various wines before they are blended. I enjoy barrel tasting as it gives a preview of the future. All the individual wines we tasted were good but I was particularly impressed by the Merlot. This may be a future stand alone wine.

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I admit I'm kind of proud!
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Wine Tasting: What Are Tannins In Wine?

Wine Tasting: What Are Tannins In Wine? | LeSenate - Red Wines Made in Marche | Scoop.it

What Are Tannins in Wine?
In wine, tannin is a textural element that makes wine taste dry.
Tannin is a naturally occurring polyphenol found in plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves and fruit skins. About 50% of the dry weight of plant leaves are tannins. As a characteristic of wine, tannin adds both bitterness and astringency as well as complexity. Wine tannins are most commonly found in red wine, although white wines have tannin from being aged in wooden barrels.
What Does Tannin Taste Like?
Tannin tastes dry and astringent and you can feel it specifically on the middle of your tongue and the front part of your mouth. Unsweetened black tea is a great example of nearly pure tannin dissolved in water.
Where do Wine Tannins Come From?
Tannins in wine come from two possible places: wine grapes and wood.
What Are Grape Tannins?
Grape tannin comes from the skins, seeds and stems of a wine grape. For this reason, red wines tend to have higher tannins than white wines because the extended contact of the grapes to the juice gives the tannin time to dissolve in the alcohol and water in the wine.
Some types of wine have higher tannins than others. The Nebbiolo grape used in Italian Barolo, is a high grape tannin wine.
What are Wood Tannins?
Wood tannins dissolve into wine through contact. Most commonly this happens when wine is stored in wooden barrels. Oak barrels are the most popular choice because of the flavors they add to wine such as vanillin.
Tannin powders, oak chips and oak staves are growing in popularity because they are more affordable. It is hard to say which is better since an oak barrel can be used in winemaking for up to 70 years.
Which wines are high vs low in tannin?
We picked out a few examples to help illustrate wine tannins. It’s helpful to remember that winemaking style greatly affects how much tannin is in a wine. In general, high production wines are deliberately created to have ’rounder’ feeling tannins.
High Tannin Wines

NebbioloCabernet SauvignonTempranilloMontepulcianoPetit VerdotPetite Sirah

Low Tannin Wines

BarberaZinfandelPinot NoirPrimitivoGrenacheMerlot

Are Wine Tannins Good or Bad? Read More

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Pamela Brizzola's insight:

Come promemoria, i nostri vini sono di taglio bordolese: blend di Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc e Petit Verdot.

Buoni tannini a tutti!

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