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Conciliation | Legal Studies |

Conciliation The first stage in an Unfair Dismissal dispute is a conciliation conducted by the Fair Work Commission.  This conciliation is usually conducted via telephone and presided over by a professional conciliator from the Commission. Approximately 85% of claims will settle at the ... Read more at Visit Australian Workplace & Discrimination Representatives (AWDR) official website.

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Defamation Watch | Defamation Law in Australia

Defamation Watch | Defamation Law in Australia | Legal Studies |
Defamation Watch - Defamation Law in Australia

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Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation | Legal Studies |
While everyone we work with has unique requirements and objectives, over the years we've learned that there are three goals that are most often shared.

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Divorce mediation is an alternative to the traditional litigation divorce. There are many testimonials revealed by people who have gone through the process. Separation is not easy, but when couples can’t live under the same roof anymore there isn’t an alternative. Somehow things start to fall apart, married people tend to become strangers and children suffer a lot because of all these changes. But it shouldn’t be that way and you can learn that at divorce mediation sessions. Along with a mediator or counselor, you will be able to reach an agreement with your spouse and not go through the pain, stress, money spending process than divorce actually implies. When in court, attorneys try to bring up the worst in people and spouses end up feeling frustrated and angry. Divorce mediation is different, as no one will point fingers and no one will blame someone in particular for making things worse along the way.