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Civil Wars OnDemand is something of a specialty to the lebanese people. Let us see how things will evolve in the coming few months. The only way for Lebanon to become a regular country would require the country to do the following: 1- Disarm Hezbollah and all the militias.2- Abolish the sectarian rule that requires a Christian Maronite to be president and a Sunni Muslim to be prime minister, basically abolish the system altogether. 3- Absorb the Palestinian refugees and provide them with citizenship. 4-Hold elections, and rotate the presidency among all the religious sects with the prime minister from the winning party forming the government. Basically follow the Israeli and the Turkish forms of parliamentary government. The Christians in Lebanon who thinks that they could lose privileges and be swept away, need not to fear it, it will not happen, a new identity will be created called the Lebanese identity.


picture is courtey of the New York Times for today's clashes in Beirut.