Learning Vietnamese
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Learning Vietnamese
Teaching Vietnamese online
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Learning World-Our web page for teaching Vietnamese online

Learning World-Our web page for teaching Vietnamese online | Learning Vietnamese | Scoop.it

You want to learn Vietnamese because you're about to visit Vietnam, or you just want to learn another language, and so many more reasons?

You might have tried to find some Vietnamese courses on the internet, but you'll most likely fine some online resources without a teacher to actually show you how to speak one of the most complex languages in the world, Vietnamese.

You might get lucky to have someone to help you, but what are the chances they will continue on doing it for you with their best efforts?


Well, that's where we come in. We will provide:
- Vietnamese teachers to teach you online.
- A website with modules as a school website to support you, you can do assignment, join topic, and other activities on our website.
- Speaking club every weekend, so you can talk with Vietnamese people to improve your Vietnamese and make friend with them. Maybe you can find a girlfriend there, you just have to pay a small fee for your course, and no more.


- If you want to visit Viet Nam, and you need someone to help and show you what you should do in Viet Nam, help you to find a good place to stay, ect... No need to look elsewhere, we also provide FREE guide services for you.


- We have a QUICK VIETNAMESE COURSE for tourism with a small fee, we will teach you how to buy somethings, call a taxi, xe om ... ect. If you want to do it by yourself, no need a FREE tour guide.

At Learning World, we do our best because we simply want to be the best.


For more details, contact us.
Nick skype: learningworld082012
Phone number: 0084986422488
Email: learningworld082012@gmail.com

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